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787 PSG11 LITHONIA LIGHTING OUTDOOR Series/Height/Orientation Series Height Orientation HA Horizontal arm Height from base in ft. A Side of the pole with the hand hole FDL Festoon outlet- less electrical Determined by application. B Side of the pole 90 counterclockwise from the hand hole (right) CPL12 1/2"coupling C Side of the pole 180 counterclockwise from the hand hole (opposite) CPL34 3/4"coupling D Side of the pole 270 counterclockwise (or 90 clockwise) from the hand hole (left) CPL1 1"coupling NPL12 1/2"threaded nipple NPL34 3/4"threaded nipple NPL1 1"threaded nipple EHH Extra hand hole PT Open top T20 2-3/8"tenon T25 2-7/8"tenon T30 3-1/2"tenon T35 4"tenon MAEX Match existing PRODUCT INFORMATION POLES General Information Some pole options require designating the orientation from the hand hole and height from the pole base must be specified when ordering the pole. The orientation from the hand hole is designated by the pole sides A, B, C or D. The height on the pole shaft is designated by the distance from the pole base. Drill Mounting Options 1 DM39 3 DM39AS 3 DM39AST1 3 DM39AST2 3 DM39KADT 3 DM28 DM28AS DM28AST1 DM28AST2 DM28KADT DM29 3 DM29AS 3 DM29AST1 3 DM29AST2 3 DM29KADT 3 DM19 DM19AS DM19AST1 DM19AST2 DM19KADT D B C Hand hole A Square D B C Hand hole A Round DM49 3 DM49AS 3 DM49AST1 3 DM49AST2 3 DM49KADT 3 DM32 2 DM32AS 2 DM32AST1 2 DM32AST2 2 DM32KADT 2 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Examples: 1. SSS 25 5G with one arm-mount fixture and two floodlights on horizontal arm brackets. Floodlights are to be 180 from each other, 90 from the shoebox and 12 feet above the base. 2. RTA 30 8G with two arm-mount fixtures at 180 , one floodlight on a horizontal arm bracket and a 1/2"coupling. Floodlight is to be opposite hand hole and 6 feet from top of pole. Coupling should be 10 feet from top, same side as floodlight. 3. SSS 20 4C with a 2-3/8"tenon and festoon outlet 90 left of the hand hole, 5 feet above the base. Order as: SSS 25 5G DM19 HA12A HA12C Order as: RTA 30 8G DM28 HA24C 12CP20C Order as: SSS 20 4C T20 FDL5D Notes 1 AS denotes Aeris , OMERO, CSX, DSX, luminaire, AST1/AST2 denotes Aeris suspend size 1 or 2 and KADT denotes KAD suspend. 2 Available with round pole only. 3 Reference fixture page for minimum arm length required when mounting 2 or more fixtures at 90. Example: HA12B POLE ORIENTATION ORDERING INFORMATION HH- Hand Hole HH H H

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