Product Selection Guide Page 786 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 786 LITHONIA LIGHTING OUTDOOR Shaft type Nominal mounting height Nominal shaft base size/Wall thickness Fixture mounting method Options Finish 1 SSS Square straight steel RSS Round straight steel STS Square tapered steel RTS Round tapered steel RTSU Round tapered steel with arm(s) STSH Square tapered steel hinged SPRTS Round tapered steel sportslighting SSA Square straight aluminum SSCA Square straight aluminum, cruciform RSA Round straight aluminum RTA Round tapered aluminum RTAU Round tapered aluminum with arm(s) RSAH Round straight aluminum hinged SSAH Square straight aluminum hinged RTF Round tapered fiberglass RTFDB Round tapered fiberglass direct burial SSF Square straight fiberglass STC Square tapered concrete SPRTC Round tapered concrete sportslighting SSWDB Square straight wood direct burial SSSDB Square straight steel direct burial RTADB Round tapered aluminum direct burial RTCDB Round tapered concrete direct burial 8-50'; sportslighting poles up to 115'. See submittal sheets for specific information. Nominal shaft base size Wall thickness 3 B 0.120" 4 C 0.125" 5 E 0.156" 6 G 0.188" 7 J 0.250" 8 K 0.312" 9 L 0.219" 10 P 0.375" D 0.165" F 0.179" M 0.239" R 0.4375" S 0.500" PT Open-top Tenon mounting T20 2-3/8"OD (2"NPS) T25 2-7/8"OD (2-1/2"NPS) T30 3-1/2"OD (3"NPS) T35 4"OD (3-1/2"NPS) Drill mounting DM19 1 at 90 DM28 2 at 180 DM29 2 at 90 DM39 3 at 90 DM49 4 at 90 DM32 3 at 120 (round poles) Aeris, Omero, DSX, CSX drill mounting DM19AS 1 at 90 DM28AS 2 at 180 DM29AS 2 at 90 DM39AS 3 at 90 DM49AS 4 at 90 DM32AS 3 at 120 (round poles) See pages 787, 812. MAEX 5 Match existing poles on jobs USPOM Includes U.S. Mill Certs. Architectural colors 2 Polyester powder Standard colors DDB Dark bronze DWH White DBL Black DMB Medium bronze DNA Natural aluminum BA Brushed aluminum 3 GALV Galvanized 6 Classic colors DSS Sandstone DGC Charcoal gray DTG Tennis green DBR Bright red DSB Steel blue Class 1 architectural anodized 4 ABL Black ADB Dark bronze ANA Natural PRODUCT INFORMATION POLES General Information All luminaire/pole assemblies require proper evaluation to ensure that the structural integrity of the assembly is not compromised when applied in specific wind conditions. Therefore, the basis for pole selection in this catalog is total weight and effective projected area, EPA (ft 2 ), shown on the individual pole catalog pages. Determination of maximum EPA (ft 2 ) and weight loading must include all luminaires, bracketry, signs, decoration, overhead wire or other equipment that will be mounted to the subject pole. Luminaire EPA (ft 2 ) and weight data are found on their respective product pages. The total effective projected area of the luminaires and brackets shall not exceed the EPA (ft 2 ) listed for the pole selected at a given wind velocity. Poles that are to be located in areas of known abnormal conditions will require special consideration. Please consult factory if poles are required for Florida Building Code or other special wind load requirements. The map on page 788 gives the wind velocities to be used in determining luminaire pole compatibility. NOTE: If during the pole warranty period of one year, the product proves defective in material or workmanship, the company shall correct, at its option, by repairing or replacing at no charge to the purchaser, if the purchaser promptly notifies the company. This warranty specifically excludes fatigue failure or similar phenomena resulting from induced vibration harmonic oscillation or resonance associated with the movement of air currents around the product. (Poles are available only in U.S.) Pole Selection Procedure Step 1. Select the luminaire and decide how many will be mounted per pole. Determine the effective projected area, EPA (ft 2 ), which is given on the dimensional information table. Step 2. Determine the appropriate mounting method for the luminaire. Options include arm, bracket or wall mounting. Step 3. Add together the EPAs (ft 2 ) of the luminaire and arm/bracket. Multiply by number of fixtures to be mounted on one pole. Step 4. Consult the wind map on page 788 to determine the basic wind velocity for your area. Step 5. Select the material (steel or aluminum) and shape (square or round) of the pole. Refer to the "Technical Information"chart on the appropriate pole page. A. Find the desired nominal mounting height in the second column. B. Verify that the fixture weight does not exceed the maximum weight listed for the desired pole. C. Compare your total EPA (ft 2 ) loading with the maximum EPA (ft 2 ) value found in the wind speed column for your area. Check that the equipment you are using will not exceed this value. D. If both the weight and EPA (ft 2 ) values do not exceed the value for which the pole is rated, you have selected the correct pole. If, however, either one of those numbers exceeds the maximum rated values, compare the EPA (ft 2 ) and fixture weight loads to the next larger pole of the same mounting height. NOTES: "Call Before Number"and complete pole description MUST be included before order can be processed. Bolt templates will be shipped with anchor bolts. To pre-ship templates, place an order for the appropriate template number. CAUTION: This pole selection process is a guideline only. Lithonia Lighting assumes no responsibility for selection and recommends consultation with qualified individuals for verification of luminaire/pole assembly selection. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit POLES ORDERING INFORMATION Example: SSA 16 4G DM19 DMB Lead times will vary depending on options selected. Consult with your sales representative. Notes 1 Finish must be specified (poles do NOT ship DDB as standard). 2 Additional architectural colors available; See Architectural Colors brochure on 3 Aluminum poles only. 4 SSA, SSCA, RSA, RTA, RTAU, RSAH, SSAH only. 5 Must include original order number. 6 Steel poles only.

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