Product Selection Guide Page 783 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

783 PSG11 LITHONIA LIGHTING OUTDOOR PRODUCT INFORMATION NIGHTTIME FRIENDLY Nighttime Friendly Lighting Lithonia Lighting has a diverse selection of wall-mounted luminaires to complement our various Nighttime Friendly area luminaires. Listed below are several product families that include a wide range of cutoffand full-cutoffluminaires that produce quality lighting and minimize night sky glow. IESNA The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America provides a variety of reference material on effective outdoor lighting design. Both the IESNA Lighting Handbook, 9th edition, and Recom- mended Practice No. 33 (RP-33-99), Lighting for Exterior Environments, offer discussions on design practices and suggested spill light limitations. WFL NEMA The Luminaire Section of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association published a document entitled "White Paper on Outdoor Lighting Code Issues". This paper highlights the pros and cons of methods to control light trespass. The NEMA Statement of Principles on Outdoor Lighting Codes also provides general guidance in the establishment of local lighting ordinances. IDA The International Dark-Sky Association is a grassroots organization that promotes quality outdoor lighting practices. Of particular interest to IDA is the reduction of sky glow. Their guidelines are of significant benefit for lighting installations near astronomical observatories or intrinsically dark areas such as national parks. Design Recommendations From Industry Associations Lithonia Lighting is a member of and participates in the activities of all the associations below. Notes 1 WSR is downlight only. 2 May depend on optical selection. Consult factory. 3 Does not meet Nighttime Friendly standards with uplight distribution options. LUMINAIRE MEETS NIGHTTIME FRIENDLY CRITERIA FULL CUTOFF CUTOFF PSG PAGE COMMENTS ASW 2 542 Aeris die-cast housing, architectural style, 2 housing sizes, 400W max. WSR 1 ,WST, WSQ 3 544 Decorative die-cast housing, 175W max. WFL 2 546 Architectural style, 2 housing sizes, 400W max., can be ordered with LC90 option to prevent field adjustment. TWAC 552 Vandal-resistant, polycarbonate lens,100W max. TWRC 554 General purpose, die-cast aluminum and tempered glass, 400W max., optional full-cutoffvisor (FCV). TWR1S 554 General purpose, die-cast aluminum and tempered glass, 175W max. MRW 2 543 Omero die-cast housing, architectural style, 175W max. WALL-MOUNTED LIGHTING TWR1S ASW WST

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