Product Selection Guide Page 780 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 780 LITHONIA LIGHTING OUTDOOR PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES Floodlighting Notes 1 Specify family as prefix. 2 Vandal guards are compatible with all wattages. BD - Barn doors (KFL and ASF) BV - Bottom visor (KFL) BV - Bottom visor (55/95) FV - Full visor (KFL and ASF) FV - Full visor (55/95) UV - Upper visor (170) VLV - Vertical louver (KFL) WG - Wireguard (KFL) TFMWG/TFRWG ASFGS TFLWG UV - Upper visor (55/95) TFAUV TFAFV TFAVG TFLFV TFLUV TFMVG/TFRVG TFMUV/TFRUV TFLVG TFMFV/TFRFV TFAWG UV - Upper visor (KFL) BVG - Vandal guard (KFL and ASF) HLV - Horizontal louver (KFL) CV - Concentric visor (95) GV - Glare visor (55/95) EV - Eggcrate visor (KFL and ASF) NOMENCLATURE DESCRIPTION ASF KFL/WFL 55 95 170S TFA TFR TFL TFM BD 1 Barn doors BV 1 Bottom visor BVG 1 Bubble vandal guard CV 1 Concentric visor EV 1 Eggcrate visor (black finish) FV 1 Full visor FV/BVG 1 Full visor and bubble vandal guard GS 1 Glare shield (upper or bottom visor) GV 1 Glare visor HLV 1 Horizontal louver (black finish) VG 1, 2 Vandal guard UV 1 Upper visor UV/BVG 1 Upper visor and bubble vandal guard VLV 1 Vertical louver (black finish) WG 1 Wire guard = Available as an accessory, shipped separately FLOODLIGHTING

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