Product Selection Guide Page 778 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 778 LITHONIA LIGHTING OUTDOOR PRODUCT INFORMATION OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES Bollards & Wall-Mounted NOMENCLATURE DESCRIPTION ASB ASW KBA KBC KBD KBE KBR KBS KL MRW MRBX TWH TWP TWA/ TWAC TWR TWRC TWS WFL WSR/ WST/ WSQ BBF Back box for flat surfaces. BBR Back box, recessed (ceiling, soffit mount). BBW 1 Back box for surface wall installation. FS Full shield for IES cutoff. FCV Full cutoffvisor. PC Polycarbonate lens. R6S/R8S Half-shield, not for use with louvered bollards. S6S/S8S Half-shield, not for use with louvered bollards. WG 1 Wireguard. VG 1 Vandal guard. UT5 Uptilt 5 degrees. DFL Diffusing lens. WLU Wet location door for up orientation. IBS Internal backlight shield. LC90 Lock at 90 for full cutoff. UCS Uplight component shield for WSR, inverted orientation with FTU or WTU distribution. HS House-side shield for SR2,SR3 or SR4W (size 2). KL (Standard) KLBBF KLBBW TWHWG TWPWG TWHVG TWAWG Notes 1 Specify family prefix. TWRCFCV ASWHS ASWxBBW UT5 5 TO WALL = Available as an option, shipped included = Available as an accessory, shipped separately BOLLARDS & WALL-MOUNTED LIGHTING

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