Product Selection Guide Page 765 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

765 PSG11 LITHONIA LIGHTING OUTDOOR PRODUCT INFORMATION Intended Use Ideal for signs, flags, building facades and landscaping. Features designed to stand up to the elements (RB, RG) or die-formed (TA) construction provides high efficiencies (RB, RG) or vertically-oriented (TA) socket with copper alloy, nickel-plated screw shell and center contact knuckle is standard. Corrosion-resistant, painted steel yoke is optional Listings UL Listed. CSA or NOM Certified (see Options). UL Listed for wet locations and 25C ambient temperature. IP65 rated. FLOODLIGHTING General purpose TFM Contour Example: TFM 100M RB TB LPI ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Series Wattage Distribution Voltage Ballast Mounting TFM Metal halide 50M 1 70M 1 100M 1 150M 1 175M 1,2,3 Ceramic metal halide 50MHC 1 70MHC 1 100MHC 1 150MHC High pressure sodium 1 35S 4 50S 5 70S 5 100S 150S TA (7 X 6) RB (6 X 6) RG (3 X 3) 120 208 6 240 6 277 347 480 6 TB 7 23050HZ 8 (blank) Magnetic ballast CWI Constant wattage isolated XHP High-reactance HPF ballast 9 SCWA Super SCWA pulse start ballast 10 Shipped installed (blank) Knuckle YK Yoke mounting Shipped separately 11,12 TFMTS Tenon slip-fitter (2-3/8" OD tenon) 0ptions Finish 15 Lamp 17 Shipped installed in fixture SF Single fuse, (120V, 277V, 347V) 13 DF Double fuse, (208, 240, 480V) 13 PE Photocell C62 2' 16-3 cord prewired C42 2' 14-3 cord prewired C22 2' 12-3 cord prewired 12 CSA CSA Certified NOM NOM Certified 8 INTL International shipment for 175M Shipped separately 11,12,14 WG Wire guard VG Vandal guard UV Upper visor FV Full visor (blank) Dark bronze DNA Natural aluminum DBL Black DSB Steel blue DMB Medium bronze DGC Charcoal gray DTG Tennis green DBR Bright red DSS Sandstone DWH White CR Enhanced corrosion resistance CRT Non-stick protective coating 16 LPI Lamp included L/LP Less lamp ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. 10-5/8 (26.9) 10-5/8 (26.9) 6-7/8 (17.4) Notes 1 Not available with SCWA. 2 Not available with TA reflector. N/A with SCWA. Only avail- able as probe start and CSA, NOM, or INTL is required. 3 These wattages do not comply with California Title 20 regulations. 4 35S is available only with 120V. Not available with XHP. 5 High reactance, HPF ballast (XHP) is available with 50S or 70S, 120V only. 6 Must specify CWI for use in Canada. 7 Optional multi-tap ballast (120, 208, 240, 277V). In Canada 120, 277, 347V; ships as 120/347. 8 Consult factory for available wattages. 9 XHP is available with 50S or 70S, 120V only. 10 Available with 150M or 150MHC only. 11 May be ordered as an accessory. 12 Must specify finish when ordered as an accessory. 13 Must specify voltage. Not available with TB, or with TA distribution. Not available with 480V or TB. 14 Prefix with TFM when ordered as an accessory. 15 See for additional color options. 16 Black finish only. 17 Must be specified. L/LP not available with MHC. Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. *Weight as configured in example below. All dimensions are inches (centimeters) unless otherwise specified. SPECIFICATIONS HEIGHT (INCLUDES KNUCKLE) WIDTH DEPTH *WEIGHT EPA 10-5/8" (26.9 cm) 10-5/8" (26.9 cm) 6-7/8" (17.5 cm) 14.05 lbs (6.37 kg) 0.5 ft 2

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