Product Selection Guide Page 730 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 730 LITHONIA LIGHTING OUTDOOR PRODUCT INFORMATION WALL MOUNTED Intended Use For building-and wall-mounted applications. Features uniformity and control for one-person installation Listings UL Listed suitable for wet locations (damp location listed in lens-up orientation). CSA Certified (see Options). IP65 rated. WST WSR WSQ Architectural Max. weight: 30 lbs (13.6 kg) 18 (45.7) 9-3/8 (23.8) 9 (22.8) WSQ Notes 1 Not available with SCWA. 2 120V only. 3 Not available with 480V. 4 Not available with SCWA. Requires CSA, NOM, or INTL. 5 Not applicable with L/LP. 6 Only available with MD, MDU and MDU5 distributions. 7 Available on WSR fixture only. 8 Must be ordered with fixture; no field modifications. 9 Colored uplight lens available. See Only available with WTU distribution. 10 Must specify CWI for use in Canada. 11 Optional multi-tap ballast (120V, 208V, 240V, 277V). In Canada 120V, 277V, 347V; ships as 120V/347V. 12 Optional multi-volt electronic ballast (compact fluorescent only) capable of operating on any line voltage from 120V-277V. 13 Consult factory for available wattages. 14 May be ordered as an accessory. 15 Must specify finish. 16 Order as WSBBW for accessory. 17 Order as WSUT5 for accessory. 18 Available for compact fluorescent units only. 19 Must specify voltage. 20 Only one emergency option available per fixture. 21 Not available with 2/32TRT or 2/42TRT. 22 Battery pack (not included) to be mounted external to luminaire. Pilot light/ test switch mounting plate included. 32F min. operating temperature. 23 Not available 2/42TRT. 24 Maximum allowable wattage lamp included. 25 Available 120V or 277V only. Maximum wattage 100M or 70S. 26 Not available with fusing. 27 Not available 347V, 480V, or TB. 28 Not available with medium throw. 29 For WSR, inverted orientation, with FTU and WTU distributions only. 30 Prefix with fixture name (e.g., WSRVG) for accessory. WSQ ships same as WSR. 31 For medium throw distribution, lamp is coated. WST 16-1/4 (41.2) 7-1/4 (18.4) 9-1/8 (23.2) Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. 18 (45.7) 7-1/4 (18.4) 9 (22.8) WSR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Series Lamp type 1 Distribution Voltage Ballast Mounting WSQ Quarter sphere WSR Half round WST Trapezoid High pressure sodium 1 35S 2 50S 70S 100S 150S Metal halide 50M 1, 3 70M 1, 3 100M 1 150M 175M 4 Metal halide ceramic 5 50MHC 1, 3 70MHC 1, 3 100MHC 1 150MHC Compact fluorescent 1, 6 26DTT 2/26DTT 32TRT 2/32TRT 42TRT 2/42TRT Downlight distribution FT Forward throw MD Medium throw WT Wide throw Up/Down distribution 7, 8 FTU Forward throw with 10% uplight MDU Medium throw with 10% uplight MDU5 50% Up/down medium throw WTU Wide throw with 10% uplight 9 120 208 10 240 10 277 347 480 10 TB 11 MVOLT 12 23050HZ 13 (blank) Magnetic ballast CWI Constant wattage solated 13 SCWA Super CWA ballast Shipped installed (blank) Mounting plate 277V, 347V Shipped separately 14, 15 BBW Surface-mounted back box 16 UT5 Uptilt 5 degrees bracket 17 Options Finish 10 Lamped Shipped installed SF Single fuse, 120V, 277V, 347V DF Double fuse, 208V, 240V, 480V GMF Internal slow-blow fusing 18 ELDW Bodine emergency battery pack 18, 19, 20, 21 ELDWR Fixture wired ready for PS1400 or PSDL battery pack 18, 19, 20, 22, 23 ELDWRPS Fixture wired ready for PS1400 or PSDL battery pack 18, 19, 20, 22, 23 EC Emergency circuit 20, 24 QRS Quartz restrike system 20, 24 ELED LED emergency single 20, 25 2ELED LED emergency double 20, 25 DC12 Emergency circuit 12V; 35W lamp included 20, 26 2DC12 Emergency circuit 12V; two 35W lamps included 20, 26 DC2012 Emergency circuit 12V; 20W lamp included 20, 26 2DC2012 Emergency circuit 12V; two 20W lamps included 20, 26 PE Photoelectric cell-button type 19,27 DFL Diffusing lens IBS Internal backlight shield 28 UCS Uplight component shield 29 WLU Wet location door for up orientation CSA Meets Canadian standards NOM Meets Mexican standards (consult factory) INTL International shipment for 175M Shipped separately 14, 30 VG Vandal guard (blank) Dark bronze, textured (std.) DNAT Natural aluminum- textured DWHG White-textured DBLB Black-textured CRT Non-stick protective coating (black) LPI Lamp included L/LP Less lamp Example: WST 100M FT 120 PE LPI ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. WST WSR WSQ

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