Product Selection Guide Page 720 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 720 LITHONIA LIGHTING OUTDOOR PRODUCT INFORMATION BOLLARDS Specification Notes 1 Specify lamp type and distribution. See Configurations table. 2 120V only. 3 Requires coated lamp. 4 KB-6: 116W/TS, lamp not included. 5 KB-8: 150W max., lamp not included. 6 Louver must be used. Multi-volt electronic ballast (for compact fluorescent lamps only) capable of operating on any line voltage from 120V-277V. 7 Consult factory for use in Canada. 8 Optional multi-tap ballast (120V, 208V, 240V, 277V). In Canada 120V, 277V, 347V; ships as 120V/347V. 9 Cover ships separately. 10 Choose primary fixture finish and stripe color if desired. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit CONFIGURATIONS SERIES LAMP TYPE DISTRIBUTION KBA6, KBD6 35S, 50S, 50M, 70S, 70M, I R5, CYA, CYB, CYG, CYF KBA8, KBD8 50S, 70S, 70M, 100S, 100M, 150S, I R5, CYA, CYB, CYG, CYF, LV KBA8, KBD8 26TRT, 32TRT LV 42* (106.7) 42* (106.7) KBD6 KBD8 KBA6 KBA8 * Also available in 24" (H24), 30" (H30) and 36" (H36). 6 (15.2) 8 (20.3) 6 (15.2) 8 (20.3) Max. weight: 34.9 lbs (15.9 kg) Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. Standard flared cone Optional cylindrical reflector Louver Intended Use For walkways, plazas or pedestrian areas. Features cover have 0.156" wall thickness distribution bolts with double leveling nuts to secure bollard module and are located at the bottom of the bollard for easy access Listings UL Listed (standard). CSA Certified (see Options). UL Listed for wet locations. KBA KBD KBA Example: KBA8 70M R5 TB LPI Series Lamp type 1 Distribution 1 Voltage Ballast Options KBA6 KBA8 KBD6 KBD8 High pressure sodium 35S 2 50S 70S 100S 150S Metal halide 3 50M 70M 100M Incandescent 2, 4, 5 I Compact fluorescent 6 26TRT 32TRT Standard flared cone R5 Type V distribution Optional cylindrical reflector CYA Specular alzak CYB Black alzak CYG Gold alzak CYF Flat black Louvers (8" only) LV Louvers 120 208 7 240 7 277 347 TB 4 MVOLT 6 (blank) Magnetic ballast Shipped installed SF Single fuse, 120V, 277V, 347V DF Double fuse, 208V, 240V H24 24" overall height H30 30" overall height H36 36" overall height FD Festoon outlet FG Festoon outlet with duplex ground fault receptacle 9 XT Diode (incandescent only) CSA Meets Canadian standards Shipped separately R6S Half-shield (6" round) R8S Half-shield (8" round) KBAB Anchor bolts Finish 10 Lamped (blank) Dark bronze (std.) DWH White DBL Black DMB Medium bronze DNA Natural aluminum DSS Sandstone DGC Charcoal gray DTG Tennis green DBR Bright red DSB Steel blue SDDB Dark bronze stripe SDWH White stripe SDBL Black stripe SDNA Natural aluminum stripe SDTG Tennis green stripe SDBR Bright red stripe SDBUA Dark blue stripe SDYLB Yellow stripe LPI Lamp included L/LP Less lamp ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change.

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