Product Selection Guide Page 712 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 712 AREA LIGHTING KVR Specification Series Lamp type 1 Distribution 1, 9 Voltage Ballast Mounting KVR1 KVR2 High pressure sodium 2 70S 100S 150S 200S 250S 24 400S 24 1000S 24 Metal halide 50M 2,4 70M 2,4 100M 2 150M 175M 5 200M 5,6 250M 24 320M 6,24 350M 6,24 400M 24 450M 6,24 1000M 7,24 Metal halide ceramic 8 50MHC 2,4 70MHC 2,4 100MHC 2 150MHC Compact fluorescent 2 2/26DTT 2/26TRT 2/32TRT 42TRT 57TRT 70TRT Induction 2 55IL 85IL Horizontal lamp R2 Type II roadway 10 R3 Type III asymmetric 10 SR2 Type II segmented SR3 Type III segmented SR4SC Type IV segmented FT, sharp cutoff SR4W Type IV segmented FT, wide 10 Vertical lamp SYM Symmetric ASY Asymmetric VFA Vertical FT, automotive 10 120 208 11 240 11 277 347 480 11 TB 12 23050HZ 13 MVOLT 14 TVOLT 15 (blank) Magnetic ballast CWI Constant wattage isolated 13 SCWA Super CWA ballast Arm mounting SPD09 9" arm for square pole 16 RPD09 9" arm for round pole 16 WBD09 9" arm for wall WWD09 9" arm for wood pole or wall 16 SPD12 12" arm for square pole RPD12 12" arm for round pole Mounting (continued) Options Finish Lamped WBD12 12" arm for wall WWD12 12" arm for wood pole or wall Post-top mounting PT4 Post top, 4 OD open-top pole 23 Shipped installed SF Single fuse, 120V, 277V, 347V DF Double fuse, 208V, 240V, 480V EC Emergency circuit 17 QRS Quartz restrike system 17 QRSTD QRS time delay 17 PE Photoelectric cell - button type 18 PER NEMA twist-lock receptacle only 19 KW1 KiloWatch 120V control relay 20 KW4 KiloWatch 277V control relay 20 TLS Tool-less access EHS External house-side shield EHSB External house-shield black CSA Meets Canadian standards NOM Meets Mexican standards (consult factory) INTL Available for MH probe start shipping outside the U.S. Shipped separately 21 PE1 NEMA twist-lock PE (120V-240V) PE3 NEMA twist-lock PE (347V) PE4 NEMA twist-lock PE (480V) PE7 NEMA twist-lock PE (277V) SC Shorting cap for PER option VG Vandal guard 22 (blank) Dark bronze (std.) DBL Black DGC Charcoal gray DMB Medium bronze DNA Natural aluminum DWH White CRT Non-stick protective coating (black) LPI Lamp included L/LP Less lamp ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit CONFIGURATIONS SERIES LAMP TYPE DISTRIBUTION KVR1 55IL, 85IL Not Required KVR1 2/26DTT, 2/26TRT, 2/32TRT SYMDL, SYMFL, ASYDL, ASYFL, SR3DL, SR3FL KVR1 57TRT, 70TRT SR2DL, SR3DL, SR4SCDL, SR5SDL KVR1 42TRT, 50M, 50MHC, 70S, 70M, 70MHC, 100S, 100M, 100MHC, 150S, 150M, 150MHC, 175M SYMDL, SYMFL, ASYDL, ASYFL, SR2DL, SR2FL, SR3DL, SR3FL, SR4SCDL, SR4SCFL, SR5DL, SR5FL KVR1 175M SCWA, 200M SYMDL, SYMFL, ASYDL, ASYFL KVR2 175M, 250S, 250M, 320M, 350M, 400S, 400M SYMDL, SYMFL, ASYDL, ASYFL, VFADL, VFAFL, R2DL, R2FL, R3DL, R3FL, SR2FL, SR3FL, SR4SCFL, SR4WFL KVR2 1000M, 1000S SYMDL, SYMFL, ASYDL, ASYFL Notes 1 Specify lamp type and distribution. See Configurations table. 2 Not available with SCWA. 3 Drop lens uses standard E25 lamp. Flat lens uses reduced jacket lamp. 4 Not available in 480V. 5 KVR1 175M SCWA and 200M SCWA are only available with ASY or SYM. 6 Must be ordered with SCWA. 7 Must use reduced jacket lamp. 8 Not applicable with L/LP. 9 Designate DL (drop lens) of FL (flat lens) after distribution (e.g., SR2FL).KVR2 with SR2, SR3, SR4SC, SR4W only available with flat lens. 10 Not available with KVR1. 11 Must specify CWI for use in Canada. 12 Optional multi-tap ballast (120V, 208V, 240V, 277V). In Canada 120V, 277V, 347V; ships as 120V/347V. 13 Consult factory for available wattages. 14 Multi-volt electronic ballast (compact fluorescent only) capable of operating on any line voltage between 120V and 277V. 15 Tri-volt electronic ballast (induction only) capable of operating any line voltage between 200V and 277V. 16 Use 12" arm when mounting two luminaires at 90. 17 Maximum allowable wattage lamp included. 18 Not available 480 or TB. Only available with KVR1. 19 Only available KVR2. Photocell not included. 20 Available with 200M-400M SCWA: SYM, AS or VFA; 250S or 400S: all distributions. 21 May be ordered as an accessory. 22 Prefix with fixture name and size (e.g., KVR1VG). 23 KVR1 requires round pole. 24 Not available in KVRI. H Dia. H L/W KVR1 KVR2 EPA arm: 1.0 ft 2 (0.09 m 2 ) 2.1 ft 2 (0.20 m 2 ) EPA PT: 1.2 ft 2 (0.11 m 2 ) 2.5 ft 2 (0.23 m 2 ) Diameter: 17 (43.1) 26 (66.0) Flat lens height: 9-1/4 (23.5) 14 (35.6) Drop lens height: 10 (25.4) 17 (43.2) PT overall height: 18- 3/4 (47.6) 23-1/2 (59.7) Weight: 35 lbs (15.9 kg) 56 lbs (25 kg) Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. Intended Use For streets, parking lots and surrounding areas. Features surrounding the lens for weathertight integrity rotatable and interchangeable for optimal control factor for 175W and above electronic high frequency ballast splice compartment Listings UL Listed (standard). CSA Certified (see Options). UL Listed for 25C ambient and wet locations. ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: KVR2 250M SYMDL 120 SCWA RPD09 LPI LITHONIA LIGHTING OUTDOOR KVR2 KVR1

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