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709 PSG11 LITHONIA LIGHTING OUTDOOR PRODUCT INFORMATION Intended Use For parking areas, street lighting, walkways and car lots. Features replace up to a 100-250W MH luminaire while saving up to 65% in energy hours and eliminate the frequent lamp changes associated with traditional sources and allow for increased pole spacing tempered glass lens for enhanced durability Listings UL Listed (standard). CSA Certified or NOM Certified (see Options). KAD UL Listed for 25C ambient and wet locations. IP65 Rated. DesignLights Consortium qualified product. KAD LED LED Area Luminaire AREA LIGHTING General Purpose Notes 1 Configured with 4000K (/40K) provides the shortest lead times. Consult factory for 3000K (/30K) and 5000K (/50K) lead times. 2 MVOLT driver operates on any line voltage from 120-277V (50/60 Hz). Specify 120, 208, 240 or 277 options only when ordering with fusing (SF, DF options). 3 Single fuse (SF) requires 120, 277 or 347 voltage option. Double fuse (DF) requires 208, 240 or 480 voltage option. 4 Not available with 347V or 480V. 5 Also available as a separate accessory; see Accessories information above. 6 Requires luminaire to be specified with PER option. Ordered and shipped as a separate line item. Example: KAD LED 1 63B350/40K SR5 MVOLT SPD04 DDBXD Series Light engines Performance package 1 Distribution Voltage Mounting KAD LED 1 One engine (49 or 63 LEDs) 350 mA options: 49B350/30K 3000K 49B350/40K 4000K 49B350/50K 5000K 63B350/30K 3000K 63B350/40K 4000K 63B350/50K 5000K 530 mA options: 49B530/30K 3000K 49B530/40K 4000K 49B530/50K 5000K 63B530/30K 3000K 63B530/40K 4000K 63B530/50K 5000K SR2 Type II SR3 Type III SR4 Type IV SR5 Type V MVOLT 2 120 2 208 2 240 2 277 2 347 480 Shipped included SPD_ Square Pole Length RPD_ Round Pole 04 4" arm WBD_ Wood pole or wall 06 6" arm 09 9" arm 12 12" arm Options Finish Accessories: Order Separately Shipped installed PER NEMA twist-lock receptacle only (no controls) SF Single fuse (120, 277, 347V) 3 DF Double fuse (208, 240, 480V) 3 DMG 0-10V dimming driver (no controls) 4 DFL Diffusing lens Shipped separately VG Vandal guard 5 WG Wire guard 5 DDBXD Dark bronze DBLXD Black DNAXD Natural aluminum DWHXD White DDBTXD Textured dark bronze DBLBXD Textured black DNATXD Textured natural aluminum DWHGXD Textured white Ordered and shipped separately DLL127F 1.5 JU Photocell - SSL twist-lock(120-277V) 6 DLL347F 1.5 CUL JU Photocell - SSL twist-lock(347V) 6 DLL480F 1.5 CUL JU Photocell - SSL twist-lock(480V) 6 SCU Shorting cap 6 KMA DDBXD U Mast arm adapter (specify finish) KADWG U Wire guard accessory KADVG U Vandal guard accessory Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit 17-1/2 (44.5) 7-1/8 (18.1) SPECIFICATIONS EPA LENGTH WIDTH HEIGHT WEIGHT (max) 1.2 ft 2 (0.11 m 2 ) 17-1/2" (44.5 cm) 17-1/2" (44.5 cm) 7-1/8" (18.1 cm) 36 lbs (16.4 kg)

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