Product Selection Guide Page 689 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION 689 PSG11 GENERAL INFORMATION Outdoor Emergency Lighting Notes 1 Direct exposure to rain or water. 2 Subject to moisture; fixture must be mounted under a canopy. 3 NEMA 4X hosedown/dustproof listing. 4 Cold weather listing: -18 to 50C(AFN); -40 to 60C (ELA AFNR DB); or -40 to 55C (IND/INDX). Exit signage with additional capacity also can be used to run remote heads (e.g., Signature with ELA LEHO or LHQM). 5 Initial ELDWR lamp lumens depends on the battery pack used. Add ELDW or ELDWR to product family catalog number. 6 Add DC option suffix to product family catalog number. 7 Consult factory for wattage and reflector availability. For additional information, visit\outdooremergency. Normally On Fixtures Lithonia Lighting building-mounted products are available with several options to provide attractive and efficient outdoor emergency egress lighting solutions. Integral emergency battery packs (ELDW) or operation with a remote battery pack (ELDWR) for use with compact fluorescent lamps, 12V DC lamps (DC12) powered by a remote battery source or 120V AC lamps (EC) on an emergency circuit are all available today. For specific product and technical information, please refer to ELDW Integral battery pack that operates compact fluorescent lamps at a reduced lumen output. ELDWR Remote battery pack ready for compact fluorescent lamps. Battery pack (by others) mounted external to the building-mounted luminaire. Pilot light/test switch mounting plate and additional wiring included to connect with the external battery pack provided separately. DC Options The DC option provides an auxiliary emergency socket for either a 20W or 35W, 12V DC bayonet base MR11 lamp for use with separate external 12V emergency power source (provided by others). ASW TWAC ELDW ELDWR 5 LAMP OPTIONS (# OF LAMPS/WATT- AGE) LAMP START TEMP. F (C) INITIAL ELDW LUMENS GATEWAY VGR1C, VGR2C, VRG4C, VGR5C ARCHITECTURAL SCONCE WSR, WST, WSQ AERIS ASW VGRXC WSR/T/Q ASW 13DTT -5 (-20) 350 2/13DTT -5 (-20) 425 18DTT -5 (-20) 475 2/18DTT -5 (-20) 575 26DTT -5 (-20) 600 2/26DTT -5 (-20) 700 26TRT -5 (-20) 450 2/26TRT -5 (-20) 725 32TRT -5 (-20) 575 2/32TRT -5 (-20) 750 42TRT -5 (-20) 750 2/42TRT -5 (-20) N/A DC LAMP OPTION SUFFIX 6 (# OF LAMPS/WATTAGE) INITIAL LUMENS (PER LAMP) CONTOUR TWAC ARCHITECTURAL SCONCE WSR, WST, WSQ AERIS ASW 7 DC2012 (1) 20W lamp 350 2DC2012 (2) 20W lamps 350 DC12 (1) 35W lamp 660 2DC12 (2) 35W lamps 660 = Available LITHONIA LIGHTING EMERGENCY SYSTEMS

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