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PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 688 GENERAL INFORMATION Outdoor Emergency Lighting Traditional emergency lighting and exit signs have been primarily focused on guiding the interior occupants of a building to the nearest exit in the event of an emergency. Today, an additional emphasis is being placed on getting occupants to and along a path of safety once they are out of the building. While the code is unclear on what constitutes a pathway and the definition of"the means to a public way", local authorities having jurisdiction over code enforcement and compliance have begun to broaden their interpretation ofthe Life Safety Code to include some elements of outdoor emergency lighting. Lithonia Lighting provides a complete list of solutions for outdoor emergency applications, including both normally on outdoor fixtures that switch to emergency mode when needed, and normally off fixtures designed only to provide emergency lighting. Normally Off (Dedicated) Fixtures The following dedicated normally offfixtures include both stand-alone emergency lighting units and remote lamp heads. Both offer their own unique advantages. Remote lamp heads offer advantages such as lower initial cost, lower maintenance cost and better aesthetics due to their small size. However, a battery source is required for operation. Stand-alone emergency lighting units come equipped with a battery and can be less expensive if the application requires a small number to meet light levels. STAND-ALONE EMERGENCY LIGHTING UNITS 1 Stand-alone unit equipment also can be used as a power source. FIXTURE DESCRIPTION WET 1 DAMP 2 NEMA 4X 3 COLD WEATHER 4 AFN EXT AFN EXT FWD Architectural die-cast with xenon lamp, standard and forward optics (FWD) option -18 C to 50 C IND618-6100 IND1236-12450 IND24100-24150 Industrial emergency unit with krypton lamp -40 C to 55 C (ULT option) INDX618-6100 INDX1236-12125 INDX24100 Industrial NEMA 4X emergency unit with krypton lamp -40 C to 55 C (ULT option) ELM DL ELM2 DL ELM2 LED Thermoplastic emergency unit with krypton lamp ELM618-654 DL ELM1254-1272 DL ELMLT High-capacity thermoplastic with krypton lamp WLTU LED Wet location emergency light INDX Lithonia Lighting unit equipment or exit signage with additional capacity can be used to power any remote-mounted lamp. These units or exits can be mounted indoors, while leads can be run to the outdoors. AFN REMOTE LAMP HEADS 1 FIXTURE DESCRIPTION WET DAMP NEMA 4X/IP66 COLD WEATHER ELA AFNR Architectural die-cast remote w/xenon lamp -40 C to 40 C ELA OMC Outdoor mini cylinder die-cast remote w/halogen lamp ELA CL Recessed round outdoor core remote w/halogen lamp ELA OSL Recessed outdoor step light w/halogen lamp ELA NX Gasketed, wet location remote w/incandenscent or halogen lamp = Available OUTDOOR EMERGENCY LIGHTING = Available Notes 1 For more wet location remote head options see page 670-671. LITHONIA LIGHTING EMERGENCY SYSTEMS

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