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671 PSG11 EMERGENCY LIGHTING UNITS PRODUCT INFORMATION Unit Accessories Remote Lamp Fixtures Notes 1 Rough-in section same as Lithonia Lighting downlighting LV Series, less transformer. 2 Other lamps available. 3 Twin version available. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. Open Cone 1 L = 11-3/8 (28.9), W = 8-3/8 (21.3), H = 8-1/2 (21.6) 6" PAR36 2 ELA OC NO806 (6V/8W) ELA OC HO806 (6V/8W) ELA OC N1212 (12V/12W) 3" MR16 LV3 Series ELA LV3 OC H1006 ELA LV3 OC H1012 Stepped Baffle L = 11-3/8 (28.9), W = 8-3/8 (21.3), H = 8-1/2 (21.6) 6" PAR36 2 ELA SB NO806 (6V/8W) ELA SB HO806 (6V/8W) 2 ELA OC N1212 (12V/12W) 3" MR16 LV3 Series ELA LV3 SB H1006 ELA LV3 SB H1012 Eyeball 1 L = 11-3/8 (28.9), W = 8-3/8 (21.3), H = 5-1/2 (14.0) 6" PAR36 2 ELA EB NO806 (6V/8W) ELA EB N1212 (12V/12W) ELA EB H1212 (12V/12W) 3" MR16 LV3 Series ELA LV3 EB H1006 2 ELA LV3 EB H1012 2 Square Series L = 10-5/8 (27.0), W = 10-5/8 (27.0), H = 3-1/2 (8.9) ELA SQR6V (6V/10W) ELA SQR12V (12V/12W) Note: Order ELA FRK for fully recessed mounting or ELA SRK for semi-recessed mounting. Surface Gimbal Diameter = 7-7/8 (20.0), depth = 5 (12.7) ELA SG N1212 (12V/12W) ELA SG N1812 (12V/18W) ELA SG N2512 (12V/25W) ELA SG HO812 (12V/8W) ELA SG H1212 (12V/12W) Recessed Rectangle L = 8-1/4 (21.0), W = 4-1/2 (11.4), D = 3-3/8 (8.6) ELA RR S8 or S11 DC bayonet base lamp up to 25W (not included) Recessed Gimbal Diameter = 8-1/4 (21.0), Depth = 5-1/4 (13.3) ELA RG N1212 (12V/12W) ELA RG N1812 (12V/18W) ELA RG N2512 (12V/25W) ELA RG HO812 (12V/8W) ELA RG H1212 (12V/12W) Weatherproof L = 9-1/2 (24.1), W = 6-1/2 (16.5), D = 2-3/4 (6.9) ELA AFNR Two 6W, 6V, Xenon lamps ELA OSL 12W halogen bi-pin lamp (not included) MR11 ELA OMC DDB ELA OMC DNA ELA OMC H1006 (6V/10) H2006 (6V/20W) H1012 (12V/10W) H2012 (12V/20W) MR16 ELA CL H1006 (6V/10W) H2006 (6V/20W) H1012 (12V/10W) H2012 (12V/10W) Outdoor Step Light Outdoor Mini Cylinder 3 Round Outdoor Step Light Low-Voltage Relay ELA LVR Vandal Shield ELA VS2 ELA VS Mounting Shelves ELA MST 2 ELT125, ELT180, ELT275 ELA MSTS 2 ELT16, ELT24, ELT24C, ELT36, ELT36C, ELT50 Provides remote testing capability to all Lithonia Lighting unit equipment, exit signs, fluorescent battery packs and emergency downlights. Mounts on standard J-box, ceiling or wall. Remote Test Switch Less Pilot Light ELA RTLP 1/8," thick, (ELAVS2) high-impact or 3/16" thick (ELAVS) transparent polycarbonate shield. Fits all Lithonia Lighting Quantum ELM and ELM2 (ELA VS), ELM618, ELM627, ELM654, ELM1254 and ELM1272 (ELA VS2) units. 10" H x 22"W x 9-3/4" D (ELA VS2); 8-1/2" H x 15"W x 4-3/4" D (ELA VS). Converts any incandescent low- voltage (12V) downlight (75W maximum) to an emergency downlight when remoted from a 12V Lithonia Lighting emergency lighting unit (ELT125, etc.). WIREGUARD COMPATIBILITY / UL LISTED PRODUCTS CATALOG NUMBER ELT 50 1 (W/ OPTIONS), 125 1 , 180 1 , 250 1 , 275 1 , INDX SINGLE REMOTE HEADS TWIN REMOTE HEADS ELT 50 (W/ OPTION), 125, 180, 250, 275 IND (18-100 W) ELM618, ELM627, ELM654, ELM1254, ELM1272 ELM; ELM2; ELT 16, 24, 36, 50; ELSQ IND (100W w/ PREM or ULT; 150 - 450W) DIMENSIONS ELA WGLG 21W x 20H x 18D ELA WGLT 22-15/16W x 24-3/8H x 12-3/8D ELA WGRH 11-15/16W x 12-3/8H x 9-3/8D ELA WGST 15W x 15H x 6D ELA WG2 15-1/8W x 14-3/8H x 8-5/8D ELA WG2M 20-1/4W x 15H x 12D ELA WG4/8 22-1/8W x 22-15/16H x 10D = Available Notes 1 Without heads. 2 Standard instrument tan. Remotes & Accessories LITHONIA LIGHTING EMERGENCY SYSTEMS

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