Product Selection Guide Page 668 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 668 EMERGENCY LIGHTING UNITS PRODUCT INFORMATION Industrial Series Voltage 1 Number of lamps Lamp type Options 6V lead-calcium Z625 25W Z650 50W 6V nickel-cadmium Z625N 25W Z650N 50W 12V lead-calcium Z1225 25W Z1250 50W 12V nickel-cadmium Z1225N 25W Z1250N 50W Z1275N 75W Z12100N 100W Z12125N 125W (blank) 120/277V (blank) Two R1 One R0 None PAR36 sealed-beam, 6V N0806 8W/6V incandescent N1806 18W/6V incandescent N2506 25W/6V incandescent H0806 8W/6V halogen H1206 12W/6V halogen PAR36 sealed-beam, 12V N1212 12W/12V incandescent N1812 18W/12V incandescent N2512 25W/12V incandescent H0812 8W/12V halogen H1212 12W/12V halogen SD Self-diagnostics SDA Self-diagnostics with alarm AM Ammeter TD Time delay 120/277 VM Voltmeter ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: Z650 N2506 SD Z - CLASS I, DIV. 2 Hazardous Location Emergency Lighting Units Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Intended Use Provides a minimum of 90 minutes of illumination for the rated wattage upon los of AC power. Designed for Class 1, Division 2 environments. Features indicator and optional voltmeter and ammeter Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D, Zone 2, Groups IIA, IIB + H2 and IIC and Class II, Division 2, Groups F and G beam PAR36 tungsten or halogen lamps 12V units are standard food-service areas Listings UL Listed. Meets UL924. ELECTRICAL AC Volts Input Amps Z625; Z650 (Lead calcium) 120 .18 277 .08 Z625N; Z1225N (Nickel cadmium) 120 .08 277 .088 Z650N; Z1250N (Nickel cadmium) 120 .19 277 .084 Z1225; Z1250 (Lead calcium) 120 .40 277 .18 Z1275N; Z12100N (Nickel cadmium) 120 .29 277 .14 Z12125N (Nickel cadmium) 120 .39 277 .18 SHIPPING WEIGHT Z625 25 lbs (11.3 kg) Z650 31 lbs (14 kg) Z625N 25 lbs (11.3 kg) Z650N 31 lbs (14 kg) Z1225 33 lbs (15 kg) Z1250 33 lbs (15 kg) Z1225N 23 lbs (10.5 kg) Z1250N 26 lbs (11.8 kg) Z1275N 29 lbs (13.2 kg) Z12100N 41 lbs (18.6 kg) Z12125N 41 lbs (18.6 kg) 13-1/4 (33.5) 15-1/4 (38.6) 7-1/8 (18) 21-7/16 (54.4) Notes 1 Special voltages available. Consult factory. LITHONIA LIGHTING EMERGENCY SYSTEMS

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