Product Selection Guide Page 661 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

661 PSG11 EMERGENCY LIGHTING UNITS PRODUCT INFORMATION Specification Series Finish Options AFN AFFINITY Series die-cast architectural emergency lighting W White B Black BN Brushed nickel DB Dark bronze (blank) Features lead calcium battery PREM Features ni-cad battery, self-diagnostics and damp location 32F to 122F (0C to 50C) EXT Features high-temperature ni-cad battery listed from 0F to 122F (-18C to 50C), self- diagnostics, time delay; listed for cold weather, damp and wet location FWD Forward throw optics with LED light source, 10.8W WL Wet location listed from 32F to 122F (0C-50C) 1 AFN Affinity ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: AFN W EXT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. Notes 1 AFN EXT prodivded with battery heater. For application guidelines and fixture performance data, see page 683. ELECTRICAL APPLICATION DATA TYPE AC INPUT OUTPUT VOLTS OUTPUT WATTS 1-1/2 HRS VOLTS AMPS WATTS AFN 120 .11 1.1 6 12 AFN 277 .12 1.3 6 12 AFN PREM 120 .15 1.4 6 12 AFN PREM 277 .14 1.4 6 12 AFN EXT 1 120 .23 21 6 12 AFN EXT 1 277 .25 35 6 12 Intended Use Provides a minimum of 90 minutes illumination for the rated wattage upon loss of AC power. Ideal for applications requiring attractive unit equipment. Features aluminum housing in nickel, white, black or dark bronze Life Safety Code and automatically test the battery once a month for five minutes and once every six months for 30 minutes incandescent lamps high-brightness white LEDs projecting a forward throw beam of light vac-metalized, die-casted reflectors and multi-faceted, highly transmissive refractors that significantly improve photometrics cadmium optional the lens Listings UL Listed. Meets UL 924. Wet location (EXT) listed. Damp location (PREM, EXT) listed. Cold weather (EXT) listed. Meets NFPA 101, NFPA 70-NEC and OSHA illumination standards. 2-3/4 (6.9) 9-1/2 (24.1) 9-1/2 (24.1) 9-1/2 (24.1) 6-1/2 (16.5) 6-1/2 (16.5) 4-3/8 (18.6) 4-3/8 (18.6) ACCESSORIES ORDER SEPARATELY ELA AFNR DB Remote fixture (less batteries and electronics) to be powered by 6V battery equipment as part of an emergency lighting system (listed from -40F to 122F; -40C to 50C), BN, W, B finishes available. Shipping weight: 3.5lbs (1.6kg) LITHONIA LIGHTING EMERGENCY SYSTEMS Notes 1 WL only available with PREM option package.

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