Product Selection Guide Page 653 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

653 EXIT SIGNS PSG11 PRODUCT INFORMATION Accessories Lithonia Lighting offers special signage in the Signature and Quantum families. Most special signage is available with red or green LED lighting. See below for special wording ordering guide. Quantum Sign AREA OF REFUGE SALIDA AREA OF RESCUE DARKROOM IN USE BEAM IN USE LASER IN USE ROOM IN USE X-RAY IN USE MAGNET IN USE EXIT NO EXIT IN USE ON AIR AREA OF RESCUE ASSISTANCE AREA OF RESCUE ASSISTANCE EXIT Quantum Sign/Unit Combo Signature Sign SW01 Family Face type Housing Number of faces Letter color Voltage Operation 7 Special wording LE Signature die- cast aluminum sign 1 LQM Quantum thermoplastic sign 2,3 LHQM Quantum thermoplastic 2,4 P Panel ( blank ) Matte black, brushed aluminum face W White 1 Single face 2 Double face 3 Single with extra faceplate and color panel 5 R Red G Green 120/277 Dual voltage 6 (blank) AC only EL N Nickel- cadmium battery SW01 AREA OF REFUGE 8 SW02 AREA OF RESCUE 8 SW03 AREA OF RESCUE ASSISTANCE 8 SW04 AREA OF RESCUE ASSISTANCE with access pictogram 8 SW05 BEAM IN USE 8,9 SW06 DARKROOM IN USE 8,9 SW07 EXIT Arabic/English 10,11 SW08 EXIT with access pictogram 11 SW09 IN USE 8,9 SW10 LASER IN USE 8,9 SW11 MAGNET IN USE 8,9 SW12 NO EXIT 11 SW13 ON AIR 8,9 SW14 ROOM IN USE 8,9 SW15 SALIDA 10,11 SW16 X-RAY IN USE 8,9 ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: LQM P W I R 120/277 EL N SW02 CUSTOM SIGNAGE EXIT ACCESSORIES STEM KITS 1 ELA US12 Signature LE standard or emergency, Precise LRP with TM option, Quantum LHQM, LQC, LX, families EDG Edgelit ELA LQMUS12 Quantum LQM standard or emergency (no swivel) WIREGUARDS ELA WG1 Back-mount wireguard (shown) 13-1/2" H x 15"W x 6" D ELA WGEXT Top-mount wireguard 14"W x 11" H x 6-3/4" D ELA WGEXE End-mount wireguard 15"W x 11" H x 4-3/4" D ELA WG3 Back mount for LHQM combo 13-1/2" H x 30"W x 6" D Notes 1 Stem color is brushed aluminum. Standard canopy color is brushed aluminum. To order white or black canopy, add W or B to catalog number. For other lengths, replace 12 with appropriate stem length in inches. Example: ELA W US24. SW02 SW03 SW04 SW05 SW06 SW07 SW08 SW09 SW10 SW11 SW12 SW13 SW14 SW15 SW16 Accessories PRODUCT INFORMATION ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit ELA WG1 Notes 1 See spec sheet LE or LE ELN for complete specifications. 2 Only availabe in white housing. 3 See spec sheet LQM or LQM ELN for complete specifications. 4 See spec sheet LHQM for complete specifications. 5 Only available with LQM or LHQM family. 6 Not required for LE model. 7 Leave blank for LHQM family. 8 UL Listed as an electric sign. 9 Not available with LHQM family or EL N operation. 10 Only available in red letter color. 11 Not available with UL. LITHONIA LIGHTING EMERGENCY SYSTEMS

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