Product Selection Guide Page 644 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 644 EXIT SIGNS Architectural LITHONIA LIGHTING EMERGENCY SYSTEMS Example: SOLO W 1 RMR LA SD Series Housing 1 Number of faces Letters/background Directional indicators 2 Mounting Options SOLO Oval exit (blank) Nickel W White B Black BZ Bronze 1 Single face 2 Double face RMR Red on mirror GMR Green on mirror (blank) None LA Left RA Right LRA Left and right DA Double (blank) Ceiling or back EM End (blank) AC only X2 Provides primary and secondary AC only 3 FI Fire alarm interface with AC-only SD Ni-cad battery with self diagnostic SDFIFA Fire alarm interface/flashing/audible flashing, ni-cad battery with Self-diagnostics PNL Panel assembly only (must order rough-in section separately) ADP Adaptor option to retrofit Precise LRP or FRP product 4 ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit ELECTRICAL APPLICATION DATA TYPE VOLTS FACES AMPS WATTS Standard LED 120 1 .087 1.5 Standard LED 120 2 .178 3.1 Standard LED 277 1 .089 1.8 Standard LED 277 2 .178 3.4 Emergency LED 120 1 .093 2.3 Emergency LED 120 2 .084 3.2 Emergency LED 277 1 .095 2.7 Emergency LED 277 2 .094 3.9 ACCESSORIES ORDER SEPARATELY ELA SOLORIS Rough-in section. Supplied standard with exits unless PNL suffix is specified. Order ELA SOLORIS only if needed for early installation. ELA SOLOEMK End-mount accessory kit required for end mounting. Must specify color to match panel; e.g. ELA W SOLOEMK ELA SOLOPM12 Pendant mounting, 12" length, accessory kit. SOLO SOLO Oval Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. Shipping weight: 8.7 lbs. (3.9 kg) Notes 1 Die-cast housings are powder-coat finishes. 2 See specification sheet for configuration details. 3 UL Listed as emergency lighting equipment. 4 Complete exit panel only (use existing Precise rough-in). 13-5/8 (34.6) 4-1/2 (11.4) 3-1/8 (8.0) 11-7/8 (30.2) 10-3/8 (26.2) 4-3/4 (12.1) 14-1/4 (36.2) 12-7/8 (32.7) 4-3/4 (12.1) 15-1/2 (39.4) 10-1/2 (26.7) 8-3/4 (22.2) 4-3/4 (12.1) 14-1/4 (36.2) 3/8 (9.0) 5-1/4 (13.3) 15 (38.1) End Mount Back Mount Ceiling Mount Rough-in Section SOLO Canopy With ADP Option Plate Pendant Mount Ceiling Mount with ADP Option Intended Use Suitable for architectural applications where aesthetics and superior performance are required. Features eliminate visible hardware design engineered tominimize light trespassing and rated life up to 10 years cadmium battery and self-diagnostics standard ceiling for top, back or end mounting capability Listings UL Listed. Meets UL924.

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