Product Selection Guide Page 639 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION Options & Accessories OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES PSG11 TYPE NOMENCLATURE DESCRIPTION BALLAST ADCF Advance electronic fluorescent ballast. Requires four-pin lamp (120V or 277V only). ADEZ Advance Mark X electronic line voltage control dimming ballast (120V or 277V; 26DTT, 26TRT and 32TRT). CW Cold-weather ballast for linear fluorescent fixtures. CW20 Cold-weather ballast, -20 o F, for linear fluorescent fixtures. HEB Electronic HID ballast. 120-277V, 50-60Hz. THD< 15%, PF > 90. DMHL LUTRON Hi-lume electronic three-wire line voltage control dimming ballast (120V or 277V; 26DTT, 26TRT and 32TRT). MOTCF Osram Sylvania electronic fluorescent ballast. Requires four-pin lamp. RHP Reactor high power factor ballast (HPS and 120V only). TUBCF Universal Lighting Technologies electronic fluorescent ballast. Requires four-pin lamp. XHP High-reactance high power factor ballast (208V, 240V, 277V, 347V andTB). Available with HPS only (35S not available). MISCELLANEOUS 4S Four screws per unit. AL Aluminum backplate for VR1/VR2; aluminum housing for VDC/VDS. ALDF Aluminum door frame. Required for use with VRR DHL (drop Holophane glass lens). DL Damp location listing for VSL/VSLC. IHR Internal horizontal reflector. Required for HID wall-mount units. For use with utilitarian products. IR Internal vertical reflector. Required for HID wall-mount units. For use with utilitarian products. L/LP Less lamp(s). LPI Lamp(s) included. SCB Surface conduit backbox. For use with VR1B/VR2B series. Replaces standard backbox. UL Listed for damp locations. May be ordered separately as an accessory. SCG Surface conduit gaskets (one pair, not installed) for VSL/VSLC. Fixture maintains wet location listing. STS Stainless steel housing, natural. Available with VDC/VDS. STSW Stainless steel housing, white. Available with VDC/VDS and VW/VWC. TRS Tamper-resistant screws. Stainless steel TORX T20 screws with center reject pin. VGRDS Decorative shroud. For use with round, deep-profile Gateway units. Mounts over die-cast housing to cover surface conduit entries for a more aesthetically pleasing look. May be ordered separately as an accessory - VGRDS XXXX (must specify color). WL Wet location. INTL Available for MH probe start shipping outside the U.S.. Available with VR4CV & VRR IP64 Dust-tight and protected against water splashing in any direction. Available with VRR ELECTRICAL 2/1 Two 1-lamp ballasts. Two lamps/two ballasts. DF Double fuse. Use with 208V, 240V, 480V. Not available for multi-tap ballast. In-line fusing isolates luminaire from circuit. Externally accessible. DS Dual switching. Two lamps/two ballasts. Requires two separate power inputs so each lamp/ballast combo operates as a separate system. EC Emergency circuit. Factory-installed, double-contact, bayonet-base quartz socket with socket leads for use with separate external emergency power system. ELDW Integral emergency battery system for fluorescent units. 750 lumens maximum. GLR Internal fast-blow fusing. GMF Internal slow-blow fusing. L/JB Less junction box. For use with induction lighting system. NL Incandescent night light. 7W maximum. Lamp included. NLCF Compact fluorescent night light. 9W maximum. Lamp included. PE Photoelectric cell (button type). Not available with multi-tap ballasts or 480V. QRS Quartz restrike system. Factory-installed, double-contact, bayonet-based quartz socket with socket leads. Automatically switches 12V quartz lamp on if there is a power interruption or brownout significant enough to cause the primary HID lamp to drop out. The 120V quartz lamp stays on until the HID fixture restrikes. QRS does not energize during cold-start of HID luminaires or at end of life of HID lamp. Wiring of the quartz lamp is internal to the ballast assembly; the 120 volts required to operate the quartz lamp is supplied by the ballast. Wattage of the quartz lamp should not exceed that of the HID source. Maximum wattage lamp included. QRSTD Quartz restrike system with time delay. Operates like QRS except auxiliary lamp remains on for two minutes after HID lamp expires. RIF1 Radio interference filter, one per fixture. For one filter per ballast, specify RIF2. Use with linear fluorescent units only. SF Single fuse. Use with 120V, 277V, 347V. Not available for multi-tap ballasts. In-line fusing isolates luminaire from circuit. Externally accessible. SM1 Single medium-base incandescent socket. Use with VR4 100W and 150W incandescent. XT Low-energy diode, extended lamp life. Use with incandescent units only. IHR IR SCB SCG VGRDS LITHONIA LIGHTING DEMANDING ENVIRONMENTS Specular surface inside Specular surface inside 639

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