Product Selection Guide Page 624 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

Series Number of lamps 1 Lamp type Lens Voltage Ballast Options 5 VSL 9-1/4" wide VSLC 5-3/8" wide 1 2 3 Not included. 17 17W T8 (24") 28T5 28W T5 (46") 32 32W T8 (48") 54T5HO 54W T5HO (46") 2 (blank) Solid-end lens SCE Surface conduit entry lens 3 MVOLT 4 120 277 347 GEB10IS T8 electronic ballast, 10% THD, instant start GEB10RS T8 electronic ballast, 10% THD, programmed rapid start (347V only) GEB10PS90 T5HO 90 electronic ballast, 10% THD, programmed rapid start GEB10PS Electronic ballast, 10% THD, programmed rapid start ELDW Wet location battery pack (300 lumens) 6, 7 GLR Internal fast-blow fusing 7 RIF1 Radio interference filter, one per fixture CSA Meets Canadian standards DL Damp location 8 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: VSL 2 32 MVOLT GEB10IS ROUGH SERVICE Intended Use Surface mounted enclosed luminaire provides general illumination for rough servive, ceiling or wall mount applications. Ideal for areas that require higher levels of protection from physical assault, while providing proper illumination for safety and security. Features steel for durabilty and security provide easy installation and service factory installed to help seal against moisture, dust, and insects polyester powder coat polycarbonate lenscompletely encloses face and all sides of housing Listed, CSA with standard ballast, sound rated A T20 screws Listings UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian Safety Standards (see Options). UL Listed and labeled for wet locations. VSL VSLC Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit General Purpose CONFIGURATIONS SERIES NUMBER OF LAMPS LAMP TYPE WIDTH DEPTH LENGTH VSL 2 17 9-1/4 (23.5) 3-3/8 (8.6) 25-3/8 (64.5) VSL 2, 3 32 9-1/4 (23.5) 3-3/8 (8.6) 49-3/8 (125.4) VSL 2 28T5, 54T5HO 9-1/4 (23.5) 3-3/8 (8.6) 49-3/8 (125.4) VSLC 1 17 5-3/8 (13.7) 4-1/2 (11.4) 25-3/4 (65.4) VSLC 1 28T5, 32, 54T5HO 5-3/8 (13.7) 4-1/2 (11.4) 49-3/4 (126.4) ACCESSORIES ORDER SEPARATELY RK1 T20BIT TORX TX20 hex-base driver bit for tamper-resistant screws with center reject pin RK1 T20DRV TORX TX20 screwdriver for tamper-resistant screws with center reject pin SCG Surface conduit gasket (one pair, not installed) VSL VSLC Notes 1 See Configurations table for lamp compatibility. 2 Two lamps max. 54T5HO must specify GEB10PS90 ballast. 3 Provided with one pair of surface conduit gaskets. 4 Electronic ballast, 120 through 277V. 5 For other options and accessories, see Accessories table. 6 Luminaires ordered with ELDW option (Example: EL5DW) will bear UL Emergency Lighting Equipment label for damp or wet location, depending on fixture. 7 Must specify voltage. 8 Required for non-wet location options, such as cordsets CS11W or CS1W, or battery packs such as EL. Certain airborne contaminants can diminish integrity of acrylic and polycarbonate. Refer to the Acrylic & Polycarbonate Environmental Compatibility tables on pages 1116-1117 for suitable uses. LITHONIA LIGHTING DEMANDING ENVIRONMENTS 9-1/4 (23.5) 3-3/8 (8.6) 5-3/8 (13.7) 4-1/2 (11.4) 624

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