Product Selection Guide Page 623 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

Series Lamp type Lens Voltage Ballast VRR Incandescent 1,2 (blank) Incandescent Twin-tube 2/13TT Double twin-tube 2/18DTT 2/26DTT Triple-tube 26TRT 2/26TRT 32TRT 2/32TRT 42TRT High pressure sodium 35S 1 50S 3 70S 100S 150S Metal halide 50M 3,4 70M 3 100M 150M 3 175M Ceramic metal halide 50MHC 70MHC 100MHC 150MHC (blank) Clear prismatic WP White polycarbonate DHL Drop Holophane glass 120 208 5 240 5 277 347 480 5 MVOLT6 6, 7 (blank) Standard ballast ADEZ Advance Mark X electronic dimming ballast 8, 9, 10 DMHL LUTRON Hi-Lume electronic dimming ballast 8,9,10,11 HEB Electronic ballast 12 Pulse start metal halide For shipments to U.S. territories, SCWA must be specified to comply with EISA. SCWA Super CWA pulse start ballast 5 Options 13 Lamped 17 ALDF Aluminum door frame for DHL lens SF Single fuse (120, 277, 347) 5,8 DF Double fuse (208, 240, 480) 5,8 QRS Quartz restrike system 3,5,14 QRSTD Quartz restrike system time delay 3,5,14 EC Emergency circuit (incandescent: 25W max, DC bayonet base) 14 NL Night light (incandescent: 7W max, candelabra base) 1,14 GLR Internal fast-blow fusing 8,9 GMF Internal slow-blow fusing 8,9 XT Low-energy diode extended lamp life 15 CSA Meets Canadian standards INTL Available for MH probe start shipping outside the U.S. IP64 Dust-tight and protected against water splashing in any direction 16 LPI Lamp(s) included (std.) L/LP Less lamp(s) PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: VRR 100M 120 LPI Intended Use General illumination for rough service (vandal resistant) applications. Ideal for interior and exterior applications where safety and security are a concern such as retail, under canopies, gas stations, and bank drive thrus. Features rolled steel Torx T20 or standard stainless steel slotted hex-head screws (four of each included) coat for high reflectance, durability, and corrosion resistance halide is mogul-base C-channel bar hangers (not included) Listings UL Listed. CSA Certified (see Options). UL Listed for 25C ambient operations. For use in wet locations in covered ceiling applications only. IP64 rated option available. VRR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit ROUGH SERVICE General Purpose ACCESSORIES ORDER SEPARATELY RK1 T20BIT TORX TX20 hex-base driver bit for tamper-resistant screws with center reject pin RK1 T20DRV TORX TX20 screwdriver for tamper-resistant screws with center reject pin PF Plaster frame; provides a clean edge for ceiling openings Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. Notes 1 120V only. 2 Leave lamp type information blank for incandescent. 3 Not available with 480V. 4 Not available with 120V. 5 Available for HID units only. 6 Multi-volt electronic ballast (for DTT and TRT lamps) capable of operating any line voltage 120V to 277V. 7 Available for compact fluorescent units and HEB ballast only. 8 Must specify voltage. Not available with MVOLT or TB. 9 Available for compact fluorescent units only. 10 Available with 26DTT and all single TRT lamps; excludes 42TRT. 11 Available with 2/26DTT and 2/26TRT. 12 Available with 100M only. 13 For other options and accessories, see Accessories table. 14 Maximum wattage lamp provided. 15 Available for incandescent units only. 16 Available with HID sources and DHL lens only. 17 Lamp(s) included unless L/LP is specified. Certain airborne contaminants can diminish integrity of acrylic and polycarbonate. Refer to the Acrylic & Polycarbonate Environmental Compatibility tables on pages 1116-1117 for suitable uses. LITHONIA LIGHTING DEMANDING ENVIRONMENTS 1-3/8 (3.5) 1 (2.5) 10-3/4 (27.3) 13-1/4 (33.7) 12-7/8 (32.7) 13-3/8 (34.0) Ceiling opening 623

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