Product Selection Guide Page 621 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 Series Lamp type 1 Shielding Distribution Voltage Ballast configuration VAP T5HO lamps 154L 254L T5 lamps 128T5L 1 lamp, 28W 228T5L 2 lamps, 28W T8 lamps 132L 1 lamp, 32W 232L 2 lamps, 32W (blank) Clear polycarbonate White ballast cover (blank) General distribution White ballast cover WD Wide distribution (blank) MVOLT; 120V-277V HVOLT 347V-480V 2 (blank) One ballast 2/1 Two 1-lamp ballasts ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: VAP 254L Intended Use Ideal for use in applications where smart, energy-efficient fixtures are desired. Typical applications include parking garage, canopy, transportation, school, hospital, cold storage, and exterior retail environments where moisture or dust is a concern. Polycarbonate enclosure protects fixture while remaining easy to service. Features polycarbonate housing with continous poured-in-place, closed cell gasket transparent, polycarbonate lens with aesthetic rib detail with Torx T-20 tamper resistant screws standard Listed, CSA with standard ballast, sound rated A or wall (vertical or horizontal) using appropriate mounting accessories Listings CSA Certified to UL and cUL Standards. NOM Certified (see Options). CSA listed for ambient operation up to 40C (104F). VAP is wet location listed for covered-ceiling applications. Product will be rated for damp location when horizontally wall mounted. IP65 rated. VAP ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit ROUGH SERVICE General Purpose Ballast Lamps installed 7 Options 8 T5/T5HO (blank) 1.0 BF, PRS GEB80S .80 BF, step dimming (100%-50%) 3,4 GEB90S .90 BF, PRS, step dimming 5 T8 (blank) 1.18 BF, IS GEB10IS .88 BF, IS GEB10PS .87 BF, PS step dimming 3,6 BSNP .87 BF, PS step dimming 3,6 (blank) 85 CRI, 4100K LP830 85CRI, 3000K LP835 85 CRI, 3500K LP850 85 CRI, 5000K GLR Internal fast-blow fusing EL14DW Emergency lighting (1400 lumens) 9 MSI__ Wet location motion sensor with bracket, wired on/ off 10,11,12 MSI__D Wet location motion sensor with bracket wired for HI/LO dimming 10,12,13 PE Photoelectric cell (button type) 10,14 RIF1 Radio interference filter, one per fixture B50CW Cold weather battery pack 6,9 WLF Wet location fitting (two outboard, top) WLFEND Wet location fitting (one end) WLFEND2 Wet location fittings (both ends) 15 WLFIN Wet location fitting (two inboard, top) QMB Quick-mount ceiling bracket 16 CMB Chain-mount bracket 16,17 JSB Junction box snap bracket 16 CS89 6 white cord, 16/3, no plug, wet location LSC Lens safety clip CS88 6 Brad Harrison 16/3 cord and straight blade plug set CS88L12 12 Brad Harrison 16/3 cord and straight blade plug set HS Houseside shield UPS Uplight shield LCF1 Prismatic light control film 16 LCF2 Opaque light control film 16 LCF3 Striped light control film 16 STSL Stainless steel latches NOM NOM Certified ACCESSORIES ORDER SEPARATELY VASMB Surface spring-mount bracket VAPQMB Quick-mount ceiling bracket VAPCMB Chain-mount bracket 17 VAPJSB Junction box snap bracket HC36 Wire hook and 36chain set (two per package) 18,19 RK1 T20BIT Hex base driver bit, Torx T20. Tamper resistant screws with center reject pin Notes 1 To order fixtures WITHOUT lamps, remove the Lfrom the description (example: VAP 132). 2 Not available with 28T5 or 1-lamp 32T8. 3 Available with 2-lamp unit only. 4 Available with 54T5HO only. Recommended for applications with ambient temperatures 50F (10C) and above. 5 Available with 28T5 only. Recommended for applications with ambient temperatures 50F (10C) and above. 6 Available with 32T8 only. Recommended for applications with ambient temperatures 32F (0C) and above. 7 Alternate lamp color need only be specified if pre-installed lamps are provided. 8 For additional options, consult factory. 9 Must specify voltage. (120 or 277 only). 10 Must specify voltage. 11 GEB 10PS recommended. 12 For mounting up to 8, specify MSI8; for mounting up to 20, specify MSI20. 13 For use with step dimming ballast. 14 Not available with 480V. 15 Not available with cords, sensors or photocell option. 16 Accessories may be ordered as separate catalog numbers. 17 Requires HC36 option. 18 For stainless steel, specify STS (example: HC36 STS). 19 Requires chain mount bracket (CMB option). Certain airborne contaminants can diminish integrity of acrylic and polycarbonate. Refer to the Acrylic & Polycarbonate Environmental Compatibility tables on pages 1116-1117 for suitable uses. 8-1/4 (21.0) 4-1/8 (10.5) Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. Specifications Length: 54-3/4 (139.1) Width: 8-1/4 (21.0) Depth: 4-1/8 (10.5) Weight: 13.5 lbs. (5.9 kg) LITHONIA LIGHTING DEMANDING ENVIRONMENTS 621

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