Product Selection Guide Page 62 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

Series Trim Number of lamps Lamp type Voltage Ballast 2ES8P 2ES8PHE 1 (blank) Lay-in grid F Overlapping flanged 2 17 17W T8 (24") 32 32W T8 (48") U31 31W T8 U (1-5/8" leg) (blank) MVOLT 347 347V 2 BILP T8 high-efficiency ballast, low ballast factor (.78), instant start BINP T8 high-efficiency ballast, normal ballast factor (.88), instant start BIHP T8 high-efficiency ballast, high ballast factory (1.20), instant start 3 BSNP T8 high-efficiency ballast, normal ballast factor (.88), step-dim progammed start, 2-lamp only 3 Lamp color Options 4,5 L830HT8 3100 lumens, long life, 3000K L835HT8 3100 lumens, long life, 3500K L841HT8 3100 lumens, long life, 4100K EL Emergency battery pack PWS1836 6' prewire, 3/8" dia, 18-gauge, 3 wires EL14 Emergency battery pack(nominal 1400 lumens) 6 QFC Quick-Flex fixture cable, factory installed prewired cable (RELOC) 7 CSA Meets Canadian standards NOM Meets Mexican standards PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 62 ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: 2ES8P 2 32 BILP L835HT8 RECESSED Intended Use Ideal for retail, educational and commercial applications requiring low lighting power density. Ideal replacement for traditional 3-lamp 18-cell parabolic. Features and high-efficiency electronic ballasts produce up to 86% photometric efficiency create the industrys strongest louver and linear faceted cross baffles design reflectivity polyester powder coating Listings UL Listed. cUL Listed or CSA Certified to Canadian standards - optional. NOM Certified - optional. Protected by one or more of U. S. Patents Nos. 6,210,025, 6,231,213. 2ES8P 2x2, 2x4 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Louvered CONFIGURATIONS NOMINAL SIZE NUMBER OF LAMPS LAMP TYPE NUMBER OF CELLS (ROWS X NUMBER IN ROW) HEIGHT IN. (CM) 2'x2' 2 17, U31 6 (2x3) 3-3/4 (9.5) 2'x4' 2 32 12 (2x6) 3-3/4 (9.5) 24 (61.0) 3-3/4 (9.5) Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. Notes 1 Available with 17W and 32W T8 only. 2 Available only with CSA option. 3 Not available in 347V. 4 Other options available may increase fixture depth up to 6. Consult factory if plenum space is a concern. 5 Consult for available options. 6 Only available for 2ES8P 2x4 (2 lamps, 32WT8). 7 Must specify voltage. LITHONIA LIGHTING COMMERCIAL INDOOR

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