Product Selection Guide Page 597 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

Series Lumens/Color temperature 1 Diffuser Distribution Voltage FEM4 LED 4 FEM8 LED 8 Nominal Lumens 3L 3000 lumens 4L 4000 lumens 6L 6000 lumens 9L 9000 lumens Color temperature (blank) 4100K (CRI 65) 27 2700K (CRI 80) 35 3500K (CRI 80) 57 5700K (CRI 70) AMB Amber LED IMAFL Acrylic, lineal ribbed frosted lens IMACD Acrylic, clear deep lens IMAFD Acrylic, clear deep frosted lens (blank) General distribution SD Spread distribution (blank) MVOLT 120 120V 277 277V ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 FEM LED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit ENCLOSED AND GASKETED Wet Location LITHONIA LIGHTING DEMANDING ENVIRONMENTS Example: FEM4 LED 4L/57 IMAFL Options CS89 Cord set - NEMA type STW 16/3, 6, 600V, white, no plug, wet location 2 CS89L12 Cord set - NEMA type STW 16/3, 12, 600V, white, no plug, wet location 2 CS88 Cord set-Brad Harrison 3P male straight 600V molded plug, 6 type STOOW yellow PVC cord, 16/3 2 CS88L12 Cord set - Brad Harrison 3P male straight 600V molded plug, 12 type STOOW yellow PVC cord, 16/3 2 L/SP Less surge protector DIM Pre-wired for 0-10V low-voltage dimming (100-10%) DIM2 Line-voltage power control (100%-50%) 3 MSI__ Wet location 360 motion sensor pre-wired for ON/OFF operation 2,4 TRS Tamper resistant Torx WLF Wet location fiting (pre-installed on top of housing) WLFEND Wet location fitting (one end) PLCL Polycarbonate latches DPMB Dual pendant mounting bracket ACCESSORIES ORDER SEPARATELY HC36 Hook and 36chain (ships as pair) MHHK120 10 single leg air craft cable MHHK120SS 10 single leg air craft cable, stainless steel RK1 T10DRV Torx T10 screwdriver for TRS option FEMDPMB Dual pendant mounting bracket (ships as pair) Notes 1 The CCT value provided is of lamp source and actual CCT will vary upon levels. 2 Must specify voltage. 3 Available with 8 only. 4 For mounting up to 8, specify MSI8; for mounting up to 20, specify MSI20; for mounting up to 40, specify MSI40. Certain airborne contaminants can diminish integrity of acrylic and polycarbonate. Refer to the Acrylic & Polycarbonate Environmental Compatibility tables on pages 1116-1117 for suitable uses. Intended Use An attractive and energy-efficient surface-mounted or suspended LED luminaire, suitable for wet, damp and/or cold locations. For challenging situations where relatively low fixture mounting heights and wide fixture spacings are common such as industrial facilities, parking garages, retail malls, multi-purpose rooms, garden centers, and airports. Features perimeter channel utilizing continuous poured-in-place closed cell gasket 4100K temperature standard with additional color temperatures also available maintenance (L80); predicted life of more than 100,000 hours ceiling is not required to maintain wet location listing or IP rating Listings CSA Certified to UL and cUL standards. Listed for wet locations up to 25C ambient temperature when fixture is surface mounted or 40C when fixture is suspended at least 6from ceiling (driver would have 3 year warranty). IP65, IP66 and IP67 rated. NSF splash-zone certified and meets FDA/USDA guidelines. FEM LED SPECIFICATION MATRIX* FIXTURE SYSTEM WATTS ACTUAL LUMENS MA MAX. AMBIENT TEMP. (C) WIDTH IMAFL DEPTH IMACD OR IMAFD DEPTH LENGTH COMPARABLE FLUORESCENT/HID SUSPENDED** SURFACE MOUNTED FEM4 3L 39 3418 350 40 25 7 (17.8) 4 3/4 (12.1) 6 1/8 (15.5) 52 (132.1) 1-lamp 32W T8, 1-lamp 54W T5HO, 70W MH FEM4 4L 61 4728 525 35 25 7 (17.8) 4 3/4 (12.1) 6 1/8 (15.5) 52 (132.1) 2-lamp 32W T8, 70W HPS FEM8 6L 78 6836 350 40 25 7 (17.8) 4 3/4 (12.1) 6 1/8 (15.5) 100 1/4 (254.6) 3-lamp 32W T8, 2-lamp 54W T5HO, 100W HPS, 100W MH FEM8 9L 122 9456 525 25 7 (17.8) 4 3/4 (12.1) 6 1/8 (15.5) 100 1/4 (254.6) 4-lamp 32W T8, 150W MH 597

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