Product Selection Guide Page 593 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

593 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 LITHONIA LIGHTING INDUSTRIAL LOW BAYS SX A23 TGL TGR TX A125/A165 TX A20 TX A23 TX A26 TXD A23 TX A30 TXF A30F TXF PA25ALEF TX PA22C TX PA22GLE TX PA25ALE TX PA25D BALLAST HOUSING SF DF HA(55 C) HA(65C) WL TR RC3NP RC3NPWL SCK SCK84 SCK120 OPTIC CF GL17/GL22 T73 QUARTZ LAMP EC QRS QRSTD CORD MOUNTING HC3P 2 HC3KP LC3P 2 LC3KP HC3PC3RWT 2 SC3P SC3PD RELOC MOUNTING HOCS 3,4,5 LOCS 3,4,5 OCS 3,4,5 POWER HOOK LCPP 4 PPH 4 TPH 4 BOX MOUNTING TOB 4 PM MOUNTING HOOKS AND LOOPS HKM HKF HKMG LPM LPF LPMG MOUNTING BARS SMB18 4, 6 SMB24 4, 6 TMB30 4 TMB48 4 WIREGUARDS WGA WGG WG WGPG GFWG FWG DECORATIVE SHIELDS DCY DSQ DHX PAINT CR 8 8, 10 CRT 8 8, 10 LAMP LPI W/LAMP = Standard = Option available Notes 1 Not available on all watages and voltages. Consult factory. 2 Requires PM option. 3 Must specify voltage tap for TB and TBV iin catalog number voltage field. (See NEMA PLUG Chart). 4 Cannot be combined with WL option. 5 Available in 120V or 347V in Canada. 6 Requires TR ballast option. 7 Pendant mount on rigid conduit. Not for use with any self- leveling hanger. 8 Consult factory for environmental compatibility. 9 Must be ordered with tempered glass (GL 17/GL22) door enclosure. 10 Housing only. OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES Low Bays - Options & Accessories Compatibility HID

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