Product Selection Guide Page 592 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

592 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 LITHONIA LIGHTING INDUSTRIAL HIGH BAYS SH A14 SH A15 SH A16 SH PA22 SPG PG15 TE E17/E22 TH A14 TH A15 TH A16/A16GL TH A17/A22 TH PA22/PA25 THD A15/A16 TPG TPGE BALLAST HOUSING SF DF HA(55 C) HA(65C) WL TR RC3NP RC3NPWL SCK SCK84 SCK120 OPTIC CF GL17/GL22 T73 QUARTZ LAMP EC QRS QRSTD CORD MOUNTING HC3P HC3KP LC3P LC3KP HC3PC3RWT SC3P SC3PD RELOC MOUNTING HOCS 3,4,5 LOCS 3,4,5 OCS 3,4,5 POWER HOOK LCPP 4 PPH 4 TPH 4 BOX MOUNTING TOB 4 PM MOUNTING HOOKS AND LOOPS HKM HKF HKMG LPM LPF LPMG MOUNTING BARS SMB18 4, 6 SMB24 4, 6 TMB30 4 TMB48 4 WIREGUARDS WGA WGG 9 WG WGPG GFWG FWG DECORATIVE SHIELDS DCY 7 DSQ 7 DHX 7 PAINT CR 8 8, 10 CRT 8 8, 10 LAMP LPI W/LAMP = Standard = Option available Notes 1 Not available on all watages and voltages. Consult factory. 2 Requires PM option. 3 Must specify voltage tap for TB and TBV iin catalog number voltage field. (See NEMA PLUG Chart). 4 Cannot be combined with WL option. 5 Available in 120V or 347V in Canada. 6 Requires TR ballast option. 7 Pendant mount on rigid conduit. Not for use with any self- leveling hanger. 8 Consult factory for environmental compatibility. 9 Must be ordered with tempered glass (GL 17/GL22) door enclosure. 10 Housing only. OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES High Bays - Options & Accessories Compatibility HID

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