Product Selection Guide Page 547 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

LITHONIA LIGHTING INDUSTRIAL Series Distribution Voltage Driver Color temperature Joiner finish Options PTNSL4 4 PTNSL8 8 AD1 Aisle, 17 offcenter AD2 Aisle, 24 offcenter ND Narrow area WD Wide area (blank) MVOLT 120 120V 208 208V 240 240V 277 277V 18 OSRAM driver LP835 83 CRI, 3500K CCT LP841 83 CRI, 4100K CCT LP850 83 CRI, 5000K CCT (blank) Textured dark gray DNA Natural aluminum DWH White CRE Continuous row, end, one end cap included CRM Continuous row, middle, no end caps included PLR1G Single-circuit through wire PLR22G Two-circuit alternating, through wire PLR1LVG Single-circuit through wire, low voltage PLR22LVG Alternating two-circuit through wire, low voltage PLR2ALVG Two-circuit through wire, with A circuit connected to driver PLR2BLVG Two-circuit through wire, with B circuit connected to driver GLR Internal fast-blow fuse 1 CS95BL Cord no plug, black 2 CS12BL 277V twist-lock, black 1,2 CS2BL 120V straight plug, black 1,2 UPL Uplight, non-dimming 3 PRODUCT INFORMATION 547 PSG11 ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: PTNSL4 ND OSR LP841 Intended Use The PROTEON SL LED luminaire offers commercial building owners, retailers and institutions an innovative, continuous- row solution that better utilizes light to emphasize areas of focus while reducing energy. Using custom optics, the luminaire can provide unparalleled uniformity and achieve a horizontal- to-vertical light ratio not attainable through previous technologies. Features aluminum allows for superior thermal management to reduce both LED and driver temperature which reduces electro-magnetic interference (EMI) appropriate mounting accessories Listings CSA Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards (UL 1598 and C22.2NO.250.0-08). For use in damp locations. U.S. patents pending. Suitable for ambient temperatures from 5C (41F) - 40C (105F). PTNSL Proteon SL ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit LOW BAY LED LITHONIA LIGHTING INDUSTRIAL CONFIGURATIONS LENGTH NOMINAL LUMENS WATTAGE COMPARABLE LIGHT SOURCE 4' 3,600 47 2/32T8 or 1/54T5HO 8' 7,200 92 4/32T8 or 2/54T5HO Notes 1 Must specify voltage. 2 All cords are 16/3, 6' black. If plug is included, voltage must be specified. Other configurations available; consult factory. White cords available: replace BL with W (Ex: CS93W). 3 Only available in 8' with LP835 and LP841. 4 Bracket spacing for PTNSL4 min. 28", max. 44"; for PTNSL8 min. 48", max. 88". 5 Compatible with ZAC120, ZACFP120, ZAC240 and ZACFP240. 6 PTNSL4 two lenses per fixture; PTNSL8 four lenses per fixture. Certain airborne contaminants can diminish integrity of acrylic and polycarbonate. Refer to the Acrylic & Polycarbonate Environmental Compatibility tables on pages 1116-1117 for suitable uses. ACCESSORIES ORDER SEPARATELY AFAC120 Adjustable aircraft cable, 120 4 ZAC120 Adjustable aircraft cable with canopy, 120 4 ZACFP120 Adjustable aircraft cable with feed and canopy, 120 4 ZAC240 Adjustable aircraft cable with canopy, 240 4 ZACFP240 Adjustable aircraft cable with feed and canopy, 240 4 TGCLP T-grid clips 5 REPLACEMENT PARTS ORDER SEPARATELY DPTNSL4 AD1 Aisle, 17 offcenter 6 DPTNSL4 AD2 Aisle, 24 offcenter 6 DPTNSL4 ND Narrow area 6 DPTNSL4 WD Wide area 6

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