Product Selection Guide Page 529 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

LITHONIA LIGHTING INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT INFORMATION 529 PSG11 Series Lamp type Distribution Shielding 2 Voltage Ballast configuration IBZ For tandem double-length unit, add prefix T. Ex: TIBZ Lamps installed 1 432L 4-lamp 32W T8 632L 6-lamp 32W T8 832L 8-lamp 32W T8 Unlamped 432 4-lamp 32W T8 632 6-lamp 32W T8 832 8-lamp 32W T8 (blank) Narrow distribution, 5% uplight NDU Narrow distribution, enhanced uplight, 13% uplight WD Wide distribution, 5% uplight (blank) No shielding A12125 Pattern 12 acrylic, 0.125 3 ACL Clear acrylic, 0.125 3 PCL125 Clear acrylic, 0.125 3 (blank) MVOLT; 120-277V (blank) Standard configuration ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: IBZ 432L Intended Use The IBZ fluorescent high bay is ideal for new construction and renovation projects. It is a one-for-one replacement of common metal halide high bay systems. The unique Cool Running Plus technology provides industry-leading, trouble-free operation in ambient temperatures up to 155F (68C). Applications include manufacturing, warehousing, commercial and industrial facilities. The IBZ fixture performs well at mounting heights from 15-40. Features options that can be field- or factory-installed manage heat to increase overall efficiency electronic ballast bracket, hook monopoint, or single (pendant) monopoint Listings CSA Certified to U.S. and Canadian safety standards (UL1598 and CSA 250.0-08 for 25C ambient operation). Suitable for damp locations. I-BEAM IBZ T8 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit HIGH BAY Fluorescent LITHONIA LIGHTING INDUSTRIAL Ballast Lamp color Options (blank) T8 electronic, instant start, 1.15-1.20 BF GEB10IS T8 electronic ballast, 10% THD, instant start, .88 BF GEB10PSH T8 electronic ballast, 10% THD, programmed rapid start, 1.15-1.20 BF (blank) F32T8/841 LP835 F32T8/835 LP850 F32T8/850 GLR Internal fast-blow fuse 4, 5 GMF Internal slow-blow fuse 4,5 EL14 Emergency battery pack 4, 6, 7 EL14SD Emergency battery pack w/ self-diagnostics 4,6,7 I162 1250 lumens per lamp battery 4,6,8 OUTCTR Wiring leads pulled through back center of fixture 2 OCS RELOC OnePass cable 4 IMP Integrated modular plug 9,10 FSP Integral full side panels HBBSIC Chain hanger (pair) HBBS36IC Chain hanger with 36 chain (pair) Cord sets: CS1W Straight plug, 120V 11, 12 CS3W Twist-lock, 120V 11, 12 CS7W Straight plug, 277V 11, 12 CS11W Twist-lock, 277V 11, 12 CS25W Twist-lock, 347V 11,12 CS97W Twist-lock, 480V 11, 12 CS93W 600 SEOOW white cord, no plug (no voltage required) 11 Motion sensors: MSI Aisle motion sensor, pre-wired 13 MSI360 360 motion sensor, pre-wired 13 MSE360 360 motion sensor, embedded 14 MSE360LB 360 motion sensor, embedded 15 XP1 XPoint single relay 16 XP2 XPoint double relay 16 Wireguards: WGX External wireguard installed 2WGX Dual wireguard for top and bottom protection 17 SPECIFICATIONS LENGTH WIDTH DEPTH WEIGHT 4-lamp 48-1/16 (1221) 13-1/4 (337) 2-3/8 (60) 16 lbs. (7.3 kg) 6-lamp 48-1/16 (1221) 18-1/8 (460) 2-3/8 (60) 20 lbs (9.1 kg) 8-lamp 48-1/16 (1221) 23-7/8 (606) 2-3/8 (60) 25 lbs. (11.3 kg) 2-3/8 (60) 13-1/4 (337) Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. 2-3/8 (60) 23-7/8 (606) 2-3/8 (60) 18-1/2 (470) Notes 1 Lamps installed are F32T8/841 unless otherwise specified. 2 Not available with MSE360 or MSE360LB options. 3 For wireguard in door frame, add "WG" to shielding. Ex: A12125WG. 4 Specify voltage. 5 Not available with 347 voltage. 6 Battery options require a BACKPACK installed by the factory in order to accom- modate the size of the battery. The BACKPACK is NOT field-installable. May only be surface-mounted using IBZSMB. Not available with pendant-mount using IBZPMP or IBZ PMPHB. Not available with IMP. 7 Output in emergency mode varies with ambient temperature (911 lumens at 45C). Single-lamp operation only. 120 or 277 voltage only. 8 Max 3000 lumens when used with T8 lamps up to 55C ambient temperature. Not available with IMP. 120 or 277 voltage only. 9 Must be factory-installed. Not available on TIBZ 16-lamp configurations. 10 Must have IMPpower cord to power fixture. 11 All cord sets are 18/3, 6, white. 12 Cord sets are voltage specific. Specify voltage. Other configurations available. Consult factory. 13 Specify voltage; 120, 208, 240, 277, 347 or 480. 14 Recommended for heights of 30-40. Not available with lensed units. 120, 277 or 347 voltage only. 15 Recommended for heights up to 20. Not available with lensed units. 120, 277 or 347 voltage only. 16 Contact LC&D for additional system components required. 17 External bottom wireguard factory-installed. External top wireguard shipped separately for field installation. Not available with IBZPMP. 18 When ordering IBZPMP, two-ballast configurations are recommended. Ex: 2/2. Not available with tandem units. Not available with any battery pack. 19 Fixture must have IMPoption. 20 120 or 277 voltage only. Certain airborne contaminants can diminish integrity of acrylic and polycarbonate. Refer to the Acrylic & Polycarbonate Environmental Compatibility tables on pages 1116-1117 for suitable uses. STANDARD BALLAST CONFIGURATIONS 4-LAMP 6-LAMP 8-LAMP T8 instant start (1.15 - 1.20 BF) Two 2-lamp ballasts Two 3-lamp ballasts Two 4-lamp ballasts T8 instant start (0.88 BF) One 4-lamp ballast One 4-lamp and one 2-lamp ballast Two 4-lamp ballasts T8 program rapid start (1.15 - 1.20 BF) Two 2-lamp ballasts Two 3-lamp ballasts One 2-lamp ballast and two 3-lamp ballasts T8 program rapid start (0.88 BF) One 4-lamp ballast One 4-lamp and one 2-lamp ballast Two 4-lamp ballasts ACCESSORIES ORDER SEPARATELY Mounting: Field-installable door and lens assemblies: 2, 3 Cord sets and sensors for IMP option: Wireguards: IBAC120 M20 Aircraft cable 10' with hook (one pair) DLIBZ14 A12125 4-lamp pattern 12 acrylic lens, 0.125 CS1WIMP Straight plug, 120V 11, 12, 19 WGIBZ14 Standard 4-lamp wireguard IBAC240 M20 Aircraft cable 20' with hook (one pair) DLIBZ14 ACL 4-lamp clear acrylic lens CS3WIMP Twist-lock, 120V 11, 12, 19 WGIBZ19 Standard 6-lamp wireguard IBHMP Hook monopoint DLIBZ14 PCL125 4-lamp clear polycarbonate lens, 0.125 CS7WIMP Straight plug, 277V 11, 12, 19 WGIBZ24 Standard 8-lamp wireguard IBZACVH Aircraft 10' V hanger (one pair) DLIBZ19 A12125 6-lamp pattern 12 acrylic lens, 0.125" CS11WIMP Twist-lock, 277V 11, 12, 19 IBZTFC Tandem coupler and 8' side panel DLIBZ19 ACL 6-lamp clear acrylic lens CS25WIMP Twist-lock, 347V 11, 12, 19 IBZPMP Pendant monopoint splice box, includes side covers 18 DLIBZ19 PCL125 6-lamp clear polycarbonate lens, 0.125" CS93WIMP 600V SEOOW white cord, no plug (no voltage required) 11 IBZPMPHB Pendant monopoint splice box, includes side covers (3/4 hub) 18 DLIBZ24 ACL 8-lamp clear acrylic lens CS97WIMP Twist-lock, 480V HBBS36 Chain hanger, 36" (one pair) DLIBZ24 PCL125 8-lamp clear polycarbonate lens, 0.125" MSIIMP 360 sensor 10, 19, 20 IBZSMB Surface-mounting bracket (one pair) MSI360IMP 360 sensor 7, 13

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