Product Selection Guide Page 522 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition PSG11 522 LINEAR DESIGN Notes 1 Lamps not included. 2 Use with non-dimmable switches only. PSG11 522 PRODUCT INFORMATION CABINET LIGHTING ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Cabinet Light Intended Use Provides task or accent lighting in commercial, retail, hospitality and residential applications. Ideal for use under and over cabinets, display cases, task lighting, office lighting, coves and utility/work areas. Features plugged in or direct-wired (splice box and 24 connector cord required for direct-wiring) Listings cUL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards. RAYZER Modular LED Lighting System Series Options RAZ9 9 length - 3 LEDs RAZ12 12 length - 4 LEDs RAZ18 18 length - 6 LEDs RAZ24 24 length - 8 LEDs Consult factory. ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: RAZ18 All dimensions are inches (centimeters) Specifications Length: RAZ9 - 9-1/4 (23.5) RAZ12 - 12-1/4 (31.1) RAZ18 - 18-1/4 (46.4) RAZ24 - 24-1/4 (61.6) Width: 1-1/4 (3.18) Height: 1/2 (1.27) ACCESSORIES/REPLACEMENT PARTS RAZTRANS24 120 24V transformer - 120V power source RAZTRANS24 MVOLT 24V transformer- Multi-Volt power source RAZDIM Step dimmer with remote touch pad RAZ CC121 121Linking cord (fixture to fixture) RAZ CC24 24linking cord (fixture to fixture) RAZ CC3 3linking cord(fixture to fixture) RAZLVCC Low voltage linking cord (cord to cord) RAZ ERC End row connector RAZ PHD Power hub distributor RAZ INLS26 In-line power switch UCD JB Splice box - white (required for direct wire) UCD JB BL Splice box - black (required for direct wire) UC ERC24 R12 24connector cord - white (required for direct wire) UC ERC24 BL 24connector cord - black (required for direct wire) LITHONIA LIGHTING DECORATIVE INDOOR

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