Product Selection Guide Page 507 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

Series 1 Finish DLSD1 DLSD2 DLSD3 DLSD4 DLSD5 DLSD6 DLSD7 DLSD8 DLSD9 DLSD10 DLSD11 DLSD12 DLSD13 DLSD14 DLSD15 DLSD16 DLSD17 Consult factory Matte Black* BN P10 Brushed Nickel with Silver Rice Paper BN/BZ Brushed Nickel with Bronze * CH Cherry wood * BZ Bronze* ANS Antique Silver * BZ F08 Bronze with Umbria Linen * CLR P01 Clear with White Swirl * BZ/S03 Bronze with Root Beer Float * BZ/WH Bronze with White * SO8 Stormy Sky BN P01 Brushed Nickel with White Swirl * P12 Window Pane * F03 Russell Square * S06 Comet Trails * BZ F02 Bronze with Chocolate Linen BN P10 Brushed Nickel with Silver Rice Paper * PRODUCT INFORMATION 507 PSG11 ORDERING INFORMATION All Diffusers require SWBLED backplate for use (see page 506). Example: DLSD1 BN P10 Intended Use Each diffuser design can be customized with a variety of finishes and materials to compliment any dcor. See individual spec sheets for a complete list of options. Colors and patterns may vary. Backplate and Diffusers are ordered separately. Features and materials - customizable Listings UL and cUL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety requirements. Quality tested in accordance with IESNA LM-79. LED WALL SCONCE OPTIONS ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit LED MINI PENDANTS AND SCONCES LED Wall Sconces DLSD1 MB 6-1/2W X 10-5/8H X 4EXT DLSD2 BN P10* 9-1/2W X 10-5/8H X 4EXT DLSD3 BN/BZ 9-1/8W X 10-7/8H X 3-7/8EXT DLSD4 CH 11-1/2W X 11-1/4 H X 4EXT DLSD5 BZ 8-3/8W X 10-5/8H X 3-7/8EXT DLSD6 ANS 8-3/8W X 11-5/8H X 3-7/8EXT DLS7 BZ F08 8-3/8W X 11H X 3 7/8EXT DLSD8 CLR P01 8-3/8W X 11-5/8H X 3-7/8EXT DLSD9 BZ/S03* 8-3/8W X 11H X 3-7/8EXT DLSD10 BZ/WH 8W X 12H X 4EXT DLSD11 S08* 11-1/2W X 11-1/4H X 4EXT DLSD12 BN 7-1/2W X 11-3/4H X 4EXT DLSD13 P12 13-7/8W X 8-1/2H X 4EXT DLSD14 F03* 13-7/8W X 8-1/2H X 4EXT DLSD15 F03* 13-7/8W X 8-1/2H X 4EXT DLSD16 S06* 13-7/8W X 8-1/2H X 4EXT DLSD17 F03* 7W X 12-1/2H X 3-3/4EXT * Color/Finish/Fabric options available, consult spec sheet at or refer to swatch book. LITHONIA LIGHTING DECORATIVE INDOOR D I M A B L E

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