Product Selection Guide Page 498 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 498 PRODUCT INFORMATION TRACK CONFIGURATIONS Track Configurations LITHONIA LIGHTING TRACK Lithonia Lighting Track is constructed of low-profile, heavy-gauge, extruded aluminum for maximum rigidity. Track sections and connections are designed with the dimensional restrictions of T-bar grid ceilings in mind. 1 Suspension Hardware Rail Allows easy twist-and-lock hardware installation. Available for stem and grid-ceiling-mount configurations. 2 Milled Grounding Bar Provides maximum ground continuity between fixtures and power distribution system. 3 Circuit Key Prevents accidental interchange of one- and two-circuit accessories. 4 Alignment Groove Provides easy centering for drilling of additional mounting holes or use of self-drilling screws. 5 Bus Retention Crimp The continuous design of the bus bar wireway retention crimp allows easy field cutting. Track sections can be cut without feeding bus bar wireway retention. 6 Extruded Channel High-quality, rugged, heavy-gauge extruded aluminum profile. 7 Predrilled Mounting Holes Provide easy mounting capability. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Circuit Adaptor Adaptor design allows for easy circuit selection. Shipped in default one-circuit configuration. Twist-and-Lock Mounting Clips Allow easy installation on T-bar and threaded rod. 7

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