Product Selection Guide Page 449 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

100M 100MHC 100M 100MHC 100M 100MHC 100M 100MHC PRODUCT INFORMATION 449 PSG11 SPECIFICATION 8 Vertical Intended Use New construction applications requiring high-performance vertical reflectors using HID lamps. Features reflector via key hole mount, which provides superior heat dissipation and extended lamp life lamp lengths using PAR30, PAR38 and ceramic metal halide lamps Listings Fixtures are UL Listed for through-branch wiring, NON-IC recessed mounting, damp location, and to U.S. and Canadian safety standards. LP8HN PAR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit STANDARD PACKAGING To order, use single master catalog number. Example: (12) LP8HN PAR 100M 8O2A 120/277 Fixtures ship as multiple components using optimized packaging. Example above ships as: (Qty 12) LP8HN PAR 100M 120/277 (12 cartons of one housing) (Qty 12) 8O2A (12 cartons of one reflector) 12-3/8 (31.4) 9-1/2 (24.1) 14-3/4 (37.5) 15 (38.1) Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. Notes 1 Damp lens available with open reflectors. 2 Lensed reflectors are wet location listed. 3 White painted flange standard. Example: LP8HN PAR 100M 8O2A 120/277 Series Lamp type Reflector Lens 1 Voltage Options LP8HN PAR Metal halide 70M 70W PAR38 100M 100W PAR38 Color-corrected metal halide 70MHC 70W PAR30 or PAR38 100MHC 100W or PAR38 Choose reflector below. Housing and reflector may be ordered separately. Lamp types and maximum wattages are listed for each reflector. CGL Clear glass lens T73 Tempered glass prismatic lens 120/277 120 277 SF Single fuse; must specify voltage LBH Less barhangers TRW White flange with anodized reflectors LPSP P30 PAR30 spot lamp (shipped separately) LPSP P38 PAR38 spot lamp (shipped separately) LPFL P30 PAR30 flood lamp (shipped separately) LPFL P38 PAR38 flood lamp (shipped separately) LPWFL P38 PAR38 wide flood lamp (shipped separately) Open reflector Baffle with specular upper reflector Wallwash with integral kicker Glass lens with specular upper reflector 8O2 White 1 8O2A Clear diffuse 1 8O2AZ Clear semi-specular 1 8O2G Gold diffuse 1 8O2GZ Gold semi-specular 1 8O2PR Pewter diffuse 1 8O2WTZ Wheat semi-specular 1 8B3 Black baffle 3 8B3W White baffle 3 8W1 White 8W1A Clear diffuse 8W1AZ Clear semi-specular 8W1G Gold diffuse 8W1GZ Gold semi-specular 8W1PR Pewter diffuse 8W1WTZ Wheat semi-specular 8LF1 White splay, clear lens 2,3 8LFB1 Black baffle, clear lens 2,3 8L4 White splay, fresnel lens 2,3 8LB4 Black baffle, fresnel lens 2,3 8LF73 White splay, tempered prismatic lens 2,3 8LFB73 Black baffle, tempered prismatic lens 2,3 9-1/2" 12-3/8" 9-1/2" 12-3/8" 9-1/2" 12-3/8 9-1/2" 12-3/8" ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. LITHONIA LIGHTING COMMERCIAL DOWNLIGHTING

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