Product Selection Guide Page 422 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

422 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 GOTHAM OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES Options = Option available; see specification sheet for details. FLUORESCENT HID INCANDESCENT LOW VOLTAGE PDXF/PDTF PDGF AF/AFW AFZ/AFZW AFV/AFVW LGF LGFV LAF AH/AHW/AHZ APRH DPH LGH/LGHZ LAH A/AW/AZ/AZW APR DP LG/LGZ LA APRLV DLV 6 & 8 SCA4 SCA5 SCA6 SCA8 SCA10 SCA12 CTA6 CTA860 CTA10 CTA12 BH24 LSMC LFH300 LFH501 LFH502 LFH503 LFH701 LFH702 LFH703 LTWFH400 LTWFH500 LTWFH700 GFC700 GFC800 NOMENCLATURE DESCRIPTION SCA Sloped ceiling adapter, aluminum with matte white finish for use in sloped ceiling application. Must specify product aperture and degree of slope. Example: SCA6 10D. CTA Ceiling thickness adapter, galvanized steel for use in ceilings up to 2"thick. BH24 Bar hangers, 24"galvanized steel bar hangers for T-bar mounting (set of two). LSMC T-bar mounting clips designed to lock bar hangers to T-bar (set of four). Not for use with BH24. LFH Locking filter holder accommodates up to two lenses/louvers. LTWFH Filter holder accommodates up to two lenses/louvers. GFC Filter clips accommodate up to two lenses/louvers.

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