Product Selection Guide Page 395 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

395 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 GOTHAM CYLINDERS Incandescent Intended Use Pendant, surface and wall-mounted cylinders provide general illumination with superior brightness control. Appropriate for interior applications with mid to high ceilings, such as atriums and auditoriums. Features diffuse reflector available Patent No. 5,800,050) provides lamp before lamp image and smooth transition from top of reflector to bottom minimizes striations normally associated with PAR lamps finish standard one-piece appearance give floating luminaire appearance No. 4,300,190), quick mount attachment plate for direct installation Listings Fixtures are UL Listed for damp locations. Listed and labeled to comply with Canadian Standards. Series 1 Lamp type Aperture/Trim Finish Mounting Options Housing 6 CA8 2 CA9 3 (blank) A19, A21, A23 3 , PS25 3 lamp PAR30 PAR30 (75W max.) 2 PAR38 PAR 38 (Q250W max.) 3 Aperture Trim 6 AR Clear 8 BR Black 4 PR Pewter WTR Wheat MB Black baffle 4, 5 WB White baffle 4, 5 GR Gold (blank) Semi-specular LD Matte-diffuse LS Specular (blank) Ceiling mount PM Pendant 3/8" thread mount WM Wall mount For options and accessories, see pages 419-425. DWHG Matte white (standard) DDB Dark bronze DBL Black DNA Natural aluminum DWH Gloss white DTG Tennis green DGC Charcoal grey DSS Sandstone CA Vertical Lamp Example: CA8 6AR DWHG ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit W D H Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. Notes 1 Matte white finish (DWHG) standard. 2 Available in 6" aperture only. 3 Available in 8" aperture only. 4 Not available with finishes. 5 Not available with PAR30 and PAR38 lamp types. 6 Additional architectural colors available; see pages 1118-1121. 7 Refer to chart for maximum wattage availability. SERIES MAXIMUM WATTAGE/ LAMP APERTURE DIAMETER (D) HEIGHT (H) WALL MOUNT WIDTH (W) CA8 150W A21 6-1/4 (15.9) 7-5/8 (19.4) 15-1/2 (39.4) 10-7/8 (27.6) CA8 75W PAR30 6-1/4 (15.9) 7-5/8 (19.4) 15-1/2 (39.4) 10-7/8 (27.6) CA9 300W PS25 8 (20.3) 9-3/8 (23.8) 16 (40.6) 12-1/2 (31.8) CA9 Q250W PAR38 8 (20.3) 9-3/8 (23.8) 16 (40.6) 12-1/2 (31.8) ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change.

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