Product Selection Guide Page 369 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

369 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 GOTHAM SQUARE DOWNLIGHTING HID Intended Use For general wallwash applications that demand high efficiency, uniform vertical illumination and low aperture brightness and where a square shape is preferred. Features trim with a durable, propriety vapor deposition finish Patent No. 5,800,050) uniform distribution of light to the wall the use of tools painted steel mounting/plaster frame adjustments in all directions and up to 5 of rotation allowing post-installation adjustments to ensure trim to trim alignment 4 vertical adjustments are shipped pre-installed ceiling to flange alignment Listings Fixtures are UL Listed for thru-branch wiring, NON-IC recessed mounting and damp locations. Listed and labeled to comply with Canadian standards. Notes 1 Available in 6aperture only. 2 Available in 4aperture only. 3 Ceramic arc tube consistent-color lamp. 4 Refer to chart for maximum wattage availability. Series Lamp type Aperture/Trim 4 Finish Voltage Options SQDLWH Metal halide (PAR Lamp) P3870M 70W PAR38 1 P38100M 100W PAR38 1 P38150M 150W PAR38 1 P3070M 70W PAR30 2 Color-corrected metal halide (PAR Lamp) 3 P3039MHC 39W PAR30 P3070MHC 70W PAR30 P3870MHC 70W PAR38 1 P38100MHC 100W PAR38 1 P38150MHC 150W PAR38 1 Aperture 4 Trim 4 AR Clear 6 PR Pewter WTR Wheat WR White BR Black DSR Stepped PDSR Pewter stepped WDSR Wheat stepped (blank) Semi-specular LD Matte-diffuse 120 277 347 For options and accessories, see pages 419-425. Example: SQDLWH P3870M 6AR LD 120 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit SERIES MAXIMUM WATTAGE HEIGHT (H) LENGTH (L) WIDTH (W) APERTURE CEILING OPENING OVERLAP TRIM SQDLWH 4 70W PAR30 9-7/8 (25.1) 17-3/16 (43.7) 15-1/4 (38.9) 4-3/8 (11.1) 5-1/8 (13.0) 5-3/4 (14.6) SQDLWH 6 150W PAR38 12-3/16 (31.0) 21-3/4 (55.2) 19-7/8 (50.5) 5-15/16 (15.1) 6-5/8 (16.8) 7-3/16 (18.3) Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unlessotherwise noted. L H W SQDLWH Lensed Wallwash PAR ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change.

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