Product Selection Guide Page 314 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

Series Color temperature/Nominal lumen output Aperture / Trim Finish Voltage Driver Options ECSR Color temperature Nominal lumen output 35/ 10 1000 lumens 1 41/ 14 1400 lumens 2 4 AR Clear 6 PR Pewter WTR Wheat GR Gold WR White painted 3 MB Black baffle 3 WB White baffle 3 (blank) Semi-specular LD Matte-diffuse 120 277 347 4 (blank) 0-10V dimming driver For options and accessories, see pages 419-425. 314 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 GOTHAM DOWNLIGHTING LED ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: ECSR 35/10 4AR LD 120 Intended Use Recessed LED luminaire that satisfies a wide range of needs in commercial and architectural applications such as office, educational and retail environments. Features thru-wire junction box adjustment ceiling without the use of tools ceiling and smooth transition from top of reflector to bottom color temperatures Listings Fixtures are UL Listed for thru-branch wiring, NON-IC recessed mounting and damp locations. Listed and labeled to comply with Canadian Standards. Patented Bounding Ray Optical Principle design (U.S. Patent No. 5,800,050). ECSR ECOS Notes 1 Available in 4aperture only. 2 Available in 6aperture only. 3 Not available with finishes. 4 Height of fixture increases 3. SERIES HEIGHT (H) LENGTH (L) WIDTH (W) APERTURE CEILING OPENING OVERLAP TRIM ECSR 4 6-1/16 (15.4) 14-3/16 (36.0) 15-1/4 (38.7) 4-3/8 (11.1) 5-1/16 (12.9) 5-7/16 (13.8) ECSR 6 6-1/16 (15.4) 14-3/16 (36.0) 15-1/4 (38.7) 6-1/4 (15.9) 7-1/8 (18.1) 7-1/2 (19.1) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit L W H Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted.

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