Product Selection Guide Page 312 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

Series Color temperature Nominal lumen values Aperture / Trim color Finish Lens type Voltage EVO VR 27/ 2700K 30/ 3000K 35/ 3500K 41/ 4100K 10 1000 lumens 1 14 1400 lumens 1 18 1800 lumens 22 2200 lumens 29 2900 lumens 2 6 AR Clear 8 PR Pewter WTR Wheat GR Gold WR White (blank) Semi-specular LD Matte-diffuse LS Specular CGL 1/8 clear glass lens T73 3/16 tempered prismatic glass lens FOL 1/8 tempered flush opal glass lens CVX 3/16 clear convex glass lens PCL 3/16 clear polycarbonate lenses 3 PPC 1/8 prismatic polycarbonate lenses 3 MVOLT 1 120 277 347 Driver Options (blank) 0-10V dimming driver. Minimum dimming level 10% ECOS2 Lutron Hi-Lume 2-wire forward-phase dimming driver. Minimum dimming level 1%, 120V only 4 ECOS3 Lutron Hi-Lume 3-wire or EcoSystem dimming driver. Minimum dimming level 1% 4 SF Single fuse ELR Emergency battery pack with remote test switch 5 CP Chicago plenum 6 TRBL Black painted flange WG Zinc-plated wire guard PCU 3/16 clear polycarbonate lens underlay (roomside) 7 BGTD Bodine generator transfer device NEPP Interface for Sensor Switch nLight network with integral power supply Architectural Colors- Powder Paint DWGH Matte white (standard) DDB Dark bronze DBL Black DWH Gloss white DMB Medium bronze DNA Natural aluminum Architectural Colors- Plating PWR Pewter SCH Satin chrome ORB Oil-rubbed chrome For accessories, see pages 419-425. Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. SERIES HEIGHT (H) LENGTH (L) WIDTH (W) APERTURE CEILING OPENING EVO VR 6 7-9/16 (19.2) 15-1/16 (38.3) 15-7/8 (40.3) 6-1/4 (15.9) 7-1/8 (18.1) EVO VR 8 8-9/16 (21.8) 14-3/16 (36.0) 15-7/8 (40.3) 7-7/8 (20.1) 8-7/8 (21.5) 312 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 GOTHAM ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: EVO VR 35/18 6AR CGL MVOLT DWGH DOWNLIGHTING ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit LED Intended Use Lightshield vandal-resistant bezel protects Gotham recessed luminaires from common vandalism without compromising aesthetics or optical performance. High- performance solid-state recessed luminaire that blends quality of light with solid-state illumination. Features copper alloy mounts to Gotham mounting frames with stainless steel tamper-resistant screws O ring that seals bezel to ceiling coat in all architectural colors pewter, and oil-rubbed bronze light control Listings Fixtures are UL Listed; wet location, covered ceiling. Complies with U.S. and Canadian standards. IP55 rating (below the mounting surface) standard; IP65 rating possible with the use of silicone. Refer to TECH-200 for ingress protection ratings. EVO VR Notes 1 Only available in 6aperture. 2 Only available in 8aperture. 3 Provided standard with clear polycarbonate underlay (2 lenses total). 4 Not available with NEPP. 5 Must specify 120V or 277V. 6 Not available with ELR. 7 Not available with CVX, PCL, or PPC lens. W L H

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