Product Selection Guide Page 301 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

color temperature 2700K I 3000K I 3500K I 4100K lumen packages 600 I 1000 I 1400 I 1800I 2000 I 2200 I 2900 0.4 S/MH Very Narrow 0.6 S/MH Narrow 1.2 S/MH Wide 0.8 S/MH Medium 1.0 S/MH Standard distributions Gotham Evo is ideal for general ambient, wallwash, and decorative illumination. Quality of light is diffuse with soft edges, comparable to CFL or an etched A lamp. Beam quality is similar to a general flood. Future Ready. General Illumination Self-flanged & flangeless trims Lumen Packages up to 2900 Decorative and Special Application Options 4", 6"& 8"Apertures Evo Diffuse Source Evo LED Luminaires cylinder open square downlight open downlight / wallwash vandal resistant IP65 shower light decorative ring or disk open retrofit round lensed wallwash square lensed wallwash 301 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 GOTHAM

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