Product Selection Guide Page 300 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

Gotham Incito TM is ideal for task, directional, accent lighting, and general illumination. Produces sharp contrast with crisp highlights and deep shadows, creating a look comparable to T6, T4 and MR16. Beam quality is similar to a traditional spot. Go Forward. Precision Illumination Self-flanged and flangeless trims Lumen Packages up to 6500 Architectural dimming to less than 1% 4"& 6"Apertures Incito Point Source incito vs evo Which is right for your application? color temperature-2700K I 3000K I 3500K I 4000K distributions lumen packages-500 I 750 I 1000 I1250 I 1500 I2000 I 2500 I 3000 I 3500 I 4000 I 4500 I 5000 I 5500 I 6000 I 6500 20 25 30 40 35 45 55 60 70 65 15 10 Incito TM LED Luminaires open round downlight open square downlight cylinder adjustable 300 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 GOTHAM

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