Product Selection Guide Page 3 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

3 DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Our focus is to develop superior lighting solutions using intelligent, all-digital components to maximize performance, create better visual environments and enhance energy savings. Lowest Equipment Costs INDIVIDUAL PRODUCTS Standard Luminaires & Off-board Controls Energy Savings & Simplicity INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Embedded Controls & Intelligent Luminaires Networked Fixtures & Controls Customer-Focused Solutions, Total Cost of Ownership & Maximum Value SERVICES Lighting Optimization, Occupant Performance & Functional Enhancement Intelligent Product Solutions SOLUTION TIERS INDIVIDUAL PRODUCTS At the fixture level, LED lighting offers energy savings versus non-LED sources by virtue of greater efficacy and the ability to precisely distribute light where it is needed, often reducing connected wattage by 50% or more. Automatic controls provide light only when it is needed, allowing compliance to new codes and power savings. INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS An integrated solution is when intelligent fixtures with embedded controls deliver code compliance at the lowest installed cost for the simplest design and installation experience. SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Systems include a series of intelligent elements designed to work seamlessly together, providing optimized outcomes through the coordinated installation of lighting, daylighting, controls, power wiring and networking technologies. SERVICES Lighting as a managed network requires engineering, manufacturing and support services that assure design intent, optimized total cost of ownership and technology upgrades delivered throughout the building life-cycle, for all aspects of the solution.

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