Product Selection Guide Page 275 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

275 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 WINONA Winona's roots lie in custom design and manufacturing. Originating in 1961, our relentless pursuit of unparalleled quality and the challenge of that "one-of-a-kind" luminaire have been the driving forces behind our custom division. This expertise can be applied to restoration and replication projects as well. Winona has the knowledge, experienced designers, and craftsmen to provide solutions for your project needs. Cato Institute / Lighting Design: SBLD Studio, NY / Photography: Fred Gerlich 4th Presbyterian Church / Photography: David Seide - Defined Space US Capitol Visitor Center / Architect: RTKL Associates / Lighting Design: H.M. Brandston & Partners, Inc / Photography: Fred Gerlich SOLUTIONS Technology Infused Custom, Restoration, Replication Services CUSTOM RESTORATION REPLICATION SOLUTIONS

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