Product Selection Guide Page 269 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION 269 PSG11 Series Mounting Voltage Panel rows Options HXR200 2-lamp HXR300 3-lamp HXR400 4-lamp S Surface R Recessed 120 120V 1R Single Row (21 in. height; 17 in. viewing height) 2R Double Row (42 in. height; 28 in. viewing height) FAS Film Activated Switch MS Master Switch DIS Dual Intensity Switching (HXR400 only - includes FAS Option) ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: HXR200 R 120 1R FAS Intended Use The Techline X-Ray Illuminator provides uniform light diffusion for optimally viewing diagnostic imaging films. Customize the viewing arrangement with multi-panel configurations - side by side or double row in a thin, 3 profile for surface or recessed mounting. A two-position rocker switch is included with every viewing panel, conveniently grouped in a centralized cluster for multi-panel arrangements. Choose the 200 Series for 2 lamps per panel, suitable for reading films of normal density. The 3-lamp (300 Series) and 4-lamp (400 Series) options are available to achieve the additional brightness preferred by some radiologists. Dual-intensity switching is available on the 400 Series to independently control Hi/Low illumination of each panel. Features diffuses light and requires no field adjustments multiple film sizes on a single viewing panel convenience and eliminates excess light from adjacent panels control of all panels as a group ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit DARKROOM & X-RAY ILLUMINATORS TECHLINE X-RAY ILLUMINATOR Techline X-Ray Illuminator HEALTHCARE LIGHTING Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions (if provided) are shown in inches unless otherwise noted. RIGHT VIEW FRONT VIEW 31" 28" 26" 5" 45" 42" 21" 3" (1) Ballast per Panel: rapid start, low leakage thermally protected Class p type 400 Series - 1.4 amps/panel PN - 1060U Switching Modules Standard On/Off Standard Cluster Removalable access wireway panel Fluorescent lamps included. Lamp model #F15T8/D 4 ea-(400 series) Body is 18 Ga welded steel construction 3/8" Max Dia. for fastening fixture to wall, keyhole 3/16" slot Roller Gravity Film Retainer 1 -1/2" recess trim flange Is factory attached on each of the four sides of recess mounted configuration Wall Surface Rough-in cut-out dimension: 28 -3/4" x 42 - 3/4" 16" 12" 2" 1.5" 3" NOTE: DO NOT DISTORT THE FIXTURE. USE SHIMS BETWEENTHE FIXTURE AND THE WALL CUT-OUT FRAMING AT SCREW FASTENING LOCATIONS. 1 inch knock-out typical, right hand side is standard location on recess mounted fixtures. Notes 1 Consult factory for 347V availability.

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