Product Selection Guide Page 244 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 244 WALL Intended Use The Stratus bed fixture can be customized in color and design to add vibrancy to a patient room. Choose from a variety of attrac- tive laminates for the front panel or specify a complementary color for the powdercoat finish of the fixture itself. If ease of maintenance is a priority, the Stratus should be your fixture of choice. The front panel is framed by a hinged door which opens for easy access to lamps. The ballast tray assembly is quickly and easily removed without tools by simply sliding the lenses and divider panels out of their channels and releasing the quick-disconnect plug. Features both available in various patterns, solid laminate or backlit (translucent); contact company for customized graphics prevent sagging nurse call system or separate pillow switch (option) quick-disconnect allows tool-free removal from installed fixture, hinged door stays open for easy relamping STRATUS Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions (if provided) are shown in inches unless otherwise noted. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Notes 1 Switching: S2 and S4 options are compatible with 120V only. 2 Custom color and custom door insert require factory pricing. 3 Laminate and backlit door require factory pricing. 4 CO Option only with 120V. 5 Consult factory for availability of 347V. Stratus HEALTHCARE LIGHTING Series Voltage Lamping type Lamp configuration Switching Options Emergency ballast Door inserts Finish Product Size HPW124 2FT HPW136 3FT HPW148 4FT 120 120V 277 277V MVOLT 120- 277V T8 32W (4 FT), 25W (3 FT), 17W (2FT) T5 28W (4FT), 21W (3FT), 14W (2FT) 2U1D 2 Up, 1 Down 2U2D 2 Up, 2 Down 1U1D 1 Up, 1 Down 1U2D 1 Up, 2 Down 0U1DMT 1 Down only with top plate 0U2DMT 2 Down only with top plate LV Low Voltage Controller -sequential switching LV1L LVC with Pillow Switch for Downlight on left LV1R LVC with Pillow Switch for Downlight on Right LV2L LVC with Pillow Switch on Left- sequencing up + down light LV2R LVC with Pillow Switch on Right- sequencing up + down light S2L On/OffPull Chain on Left (Top & Bottom) S2R On/OffPull Chain on Right (Top & Bottom) S2C On/OffPull Chain on Center (Top & Bottom) S2LDL On/OffPull Chain on Left (for Bottom Only) S2RDL On/OffPull Chain on Right (for Bottom Only) S2CDL On/OffPull Chain on Center (for Bottom Only) S4L 4-Position Pull Chain on Left S4R 4-Position Pull Chain on Right S4C 4-Position Pull Chain Center SX No Switch CO Grounded Convenience Outlet (120V) LNL LED Night Light on Left LNR LED Night Light on Right GLR Fast-Blo Fuse GMF Slo-Blo Fuse B50 Bodine 2-lamp B70A Bodine 1-lamp I48 T8 One- Lamp Emergency I320 T5 One- Lamp Emergency (blank) Flat White CR Crayon AP Aged Piazza FG Folk-Stone Granite GO Golden Oak CCD Custom Specified FW Flat White (Standard) AM Anti-Microbial White CC Custom Color (need customer to provide RAL#) ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: HPW148 120 T5 2U2D LV LCR AM Length 5" 6" 3 - 3/4" Length: HPW136 T8 = 39 - 1/2" HPW136 T5 = 37 - 3/4" HPW148 T8 = 51 - 5/16" HPW148 T5 = 49 - 1/2" 1/4" DIA. 7/8" DIA. B A Length A B C 3' 39 - 1/2" 17 - 1/2" 8 - 1/4" 4' 51 - 5/16" 23 - 3/8" 8 - 1/4" Length A B C 3' 37 - 3/4" 16 - 5/8" 8 - 1/4" 4' 49 - 1/2" 22 - 1/2" 8 - 1/4"

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