Product Selection Guide Page 236 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 236 CEILING Intended Use The Trilume with Exam offers multi-purpose functionality in a clean design that is more contemporary. The patient and exam sections run the full length of the fixture for more uniform light distribution over the bed surface. Exam lighting is asymmetrically directed from each side of the fixture toward the bed surface, providing effective distribution and limited light trespass while mitigating shadows. A full-length sanitary lens with concealed hinge door frame is standard. If a low voltage controller is included (optional), light levels can be conveniently adjusted via the nurse call system or using a separate pendant pillow switch (optional). Features task lighting nurse call system the bed cleanliness TRILUME WITH EXAM Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions (if provided) are shown in inches unless otherwise noted. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Notes 1 Contact factory for availability of 347V. 2 Recommended Exam lamping is T5HO which comes with custom parabolic reflector for best performance. 3 T8 ballast standard instant start. T5 ballast standard program start. Trilume with Exam HEALTHCARE LIGHTING 23 - 5/8" 5 -11/16" 23 - 3/4" 25 - 1/8" Flange 23 - 5/8" Grid 22 -17/32" 47 - 5/8" 22 - 17/32" 23 - 3/4" 5 - 11/16" 49 - 1/8" Flange 47 - 5/8" Grid ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: HPT524 G 120 ALB TAI 2 T5 LV 2C 2XT5 LNL AM Series Mounting Voltage Basket lens Ambient lens insert Lamp Qty (AMB) Ambient lamping Ambient control Switching Exam lamping Options Finish Product Size HPT524 2x4 FT HPT522 2x2 FT G Grid F Flange 120 120V 277 277V MVOLT 120- 277V ALB Acrylic Lens Basket (Standard) PMB Perforated Metal Basket TAI Translucent Acrylic insert (Standard) PAI Perforated Acrylic Insert (Recommended for Patient Room) WAV Acrylic Wave Pattern Insert (only available with ALB option) 2 3 T8 17W (2 ft) 32W (4 ft) T5 14W (2 ft) 28W (4 ft) T5HO 24W (2 ft) 54W (4 ft) LV Low Voltage Controller LV3 LVC with J-box, receptacle and Pillow Switch with Cord SX No Switch 1C 1 Circuit 2C 2 Circuit - 2/3 Level Control ADEZ Mark X Dimming ballast 5-100% phase control ADZT Mark VII Dimming ballast 0-10V low voltage dimmer 2XT5HO 1 per side 24W (2 ft) 54W (4 ft) 2XT5 1 per side: 14W (2 ft) 28W (4 ft) 2XT8 1 per side 17W (2 ft) 32W (4 ft) 4XT5 2 per side: 14W (2 ft) 28W (4 ft) 4XT8 2 per side 17W (2 ft) 32W (4 ft) SL Sanitary Lens with Door (Standard) LNL LED Night Light LRL 3W LED Reading Light GLR Fast-Blo Fuse GMF Slow-Blo Fuse GW Gloss White (Standard) AM Anti- Microbial White

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