Product Selection Guide Page 230 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 230 HEALTHCARE LIGHTING ILLUMINATING THE PATIENT ROOM APPLICATION DETAILS The patient room in an acute care hospital is a complex environment. Lighting needs are diverse and often demanding, all in support of the facilitys overarching goal to achieve the best possible patient experience and outcomes. Todays patient room typically requires the following lighting: PATIENT and to allow adjustment based upon individual preference, age, and medical condition. Controls should be easily accessible and intuitive. patients in prone or reclined positions. minimizing sleep disruption. CAREGIVER minor procedures that are increasingly performed in the patient room. Color rendering and correlated color temperature are important considerations for visual acuity and accuraterendition of the patients pallor, skin, and tissues. appropriate cut-off to minimize glare and excessive light trespass to the patient. GUEST limiting trespass to a resting patient. It is important to consider not only the average light intensity but also how the light is distributed over the relevant area. Considerations such as glare, uniformity, lighting controls, clearance for equipment such as lift rails, and other factors unique to the space will further guide selection. The right combination of lighting and controls equipment can result in a patientroom solution that fully meets the functional and aesthetic requirements of the space. While specific room dimensions and layouts vary, the following page provides one configuration for lighting the Patient Care Zone. PRODUCT INFORMATION

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