Product Selection Guide Page 21 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION 21 PSG11 Intended Use In a class of its own, Breez Series indirect architectural lighting is uniquely enabled by todays LEDs and advanced optical technologies. The graceful gull-wing reflector design and highly-reflective optical coating combine to create a fully- indirect, efficient optical system that is visually intriguing yet congruous with contemporary minimalist design. The patent-pending design delivers the spatial balance and visual clarity of volumetric lighting, creating a softer, more comfortable luminous environment by reducing shadows and improving spatial rendering. The optimal balance of horizontal and vertical illumination increases the perceived volume of the space making it ideal for retail, office and institutional applications. Features plenum applications quiet ceiling for durability and consistency in appearance digitally addressable for communication to other nLight control devices including lumen management Listings CSA Certified to meet U.S. and Canadian safety standards. Patents pending. DesignLights Consortium qualified product. 2BZL2 2x2 RECESSED Volumetric Architectural Series Lumens 2 Voltage Wattage 3 Color temperature Controls Options 2BZL2 LED 2x2 1 24L 2400 lumens 30L 3000 lumens 34L 3400 lumens (blank) MVOLT (120-277V) D24 24W D33 33W D36 36W LP830 82 CRI, 3000K 4 LP835 82 CRI, 3500K LP840 82 CRI, 4000K NX Dimming, no nLight BLD Bi-level dimming N80 nLight with 80% (L80) lumen management N100 nLight without lumen management JP32 Palletized job pack qty. 32 ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: 2BZL2 34L D36 LP835 NX ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Notes 1 Air function not available. 2 Approximate lumen output. 3 Actual wattage may differ by +/- 5% when operating between 120-277V +/- 10%. 4 Consult factory for lead time. ACCESSORIES ORDER SEPARATELY DGA22 Drywall ceiling adaptor, unit installation for 2x2 fixture NLIGHT CONTROL ACCESSORIES: ORDER AS SEPARATE CATALOG NUMBER. VISIT WWW.SENSORSWITCH.COM/NLIGHT FOR COMPLETE LISTING OF NLIGHT CONTROLS. WallPod stations Model number On/Off nPODM [color] On/Off& Raise/Lower nPODM DX [color] Graphic Touchscreen nPOD GFX Occupancy sensors Model number Standard range 360, ceiling (PIR/dual tech) nCM 9 / nCM PDT 9 Extended range 360, ceiling (PIR/dual tech) nCM 10 / nCM PDT 10 Wide view (PIR/dual tech) nWV 16 / nWV PDT 16 Photocell controls Model number Continous dimming nCM ADC On/Off& Dimming nCM PC ADC Cat-5 cable bundles (plenum rated) Model number 10 , CAT5 10FT CAT5 10FT J1 15, CAT5 15FT CAT5 15FT J1 Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. LITHONIA LIGHTING COMMERCIAL INDOOR TM

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