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Features powdercoat a textured surface providing diffuse illumination and a uniform appearance. Clear Acrylic dustcover is available for the indirect distribution flicker-free from 2 to 100%. Universal input voltage 120- 277VAC, 50/60Hz. Integrated thermal fold-back manage- ment to prevent over heating flicker-free 100% to off Listings CSA Certified to meet U.S. and Canadian standards, and IBEW (Local 3) Union-made in the USA. SLOT 2 LED Surface Mount Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions (if provided) are shown in inches unless otherwise noted. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Notes 1 Consult factory for 2 length. 2 Downlights are not adjustable and are provided with a solite lens. 3 MR16 modules are supplied at each end of individual unit. For other configurations, consult factory. 4 Occupancy/Photocell sensors are supplied at one end of individual unit. Fixtures with downlights require a remote sensor, location by others. 5 Remote mounted; consult factory for remote mounting options. Surface Mount Series Length 1 Distribution Lumens Color Temp Driver Optics S2LS Surface Mount 2FT 2 3FT 3 4FT 4 5FT 5 6FT 6 8FT 8 _FT. Specify continuous run length (in whole feet) 1 Direct Distribution N Normal Output H High Output 30 3000K 80 CRI 35 3500K 80 CRI 40 4000K 80 CRI AD constant current, 0-10v, 2% dimming HI constant current, 0-10v, 1% dimming to off (blank) No Optics WW Wall Washer WG Wall Graze Distribution Downlights 2,3 Downlight color temp Downlight apperature Voltage Finish Integrated Controls (blank) Linear LED only L7 10W LED MR16 (700lm) (blank) Linear LED only 27 2700K 80 CRI 30 3000K 80 CRI 35 3500K 80 CRI 40 4000K 80 CRI RD Round SQ Square 120 277 WHT White BLK Black SLV Silver N100 N100 - nLight without lumen management N80 N80 - nLight with 80% lumen management N80EMG N80 - nLight 80% lumen management for use with generator supply EM power N100EMG N100 - nLight without lumen management for use with generator supply EM power OCS 4 Integrated Occupancy Sensor/Photocell ECO Lutron EcoSystem Interface Module NX Dimming, No nLight EMPK 5 Emergency Battery Pack ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: S2LS 4FT 1N35ADWW L735SQ 120 WHT N80 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 186 SLOT SERIES Slot 2 LED MARK ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING 360 TOTA L SYSTEM INTEG RA TIO N TM Surface Mount 3-3/4'' 2-1/2''

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