Product Selection Guide Page 181 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION 181 PSG11 SLOT SERIES Intended Use Slot 2 LED combines the very slender styling of Slot 2 with a diminutive LED light source to provide a luminaire that is perfect where visually harmonious illumination and energy efficiency are desired. Standard lengths range from 2 to 8 feet, and a unique 2x2 configuration is ideal as a creative design element. Custom lengths and configurations are also available. Slot 2 LED features a snap-in clear frosted acrylic lens, which can be positioned flush or regressed, and universal mounting detail for sheetrock or various tile grid ceilings. Features from heavy-gauge extruded aluminum color temperature sheetrock or various acoustical tile grid ceilings Listings CSA Certified to meet U.S. and Canadian standards, and IBEW (Local 3) Union-made in the USA. SLOT 2 LED Slot 2 LED MARK ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING Series Length/size Ceiling type LED color temp Driver Voltage Shielding S2L Slot 2 LED 2FT 2 3FT 3 4FT 4 5FT 5 6FT 6 8FT 8 _FT. Specify continuous run length (in whole feet) 22 2x2 UNIV 1 Universal sheetrock, 9/16 or 15/16 inverted tee slot grid FL 1 Flanged 30 3000K 80 CRI 35 3500K 80 CRI 40 4000K 80 CRI EDVR Electronic driver (75W max.) EDIM Electronic driver (75W max.) and 1-10V dimming interface 120 277 FA 3/32 thick clear frosted acrylic ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: S2L 4FT UNIV 35EDVR 120 FA Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions (if provided) are shown in inches unless otherwise noted. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit 2x2 w/ CLG. tile at center 4 " 4 1/8" 2 3/8" Notes 1 Remote mounted driver is required for all sheetrock installation. INITIAL BOARD DELIVERED LUMENS (one board/two boards in cross section, lm) LENGTH 3,000K 3,500K 4,000K Standard 2 x 2 3,740 3,528 4,128 S2L 1FT 430 441 514 S2L 2FT 860 882 1,028 S2L 3FT 1,290 1,323 1,542 S2L 4FT 1,720 1,764 2,056 S2L 5FT 2,150 2,205 2,570 S2L 6FT 2,580 2,646 3,084 S2L 7FT 3,010 3,087 3,598 S2L 8FT 3,440 3,528 4,112

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