Product Selection Guide Page 17 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

17 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 LITHONIA LIGHTING COMMERCIAL INDOOR Advanced Controls Solutions Take Savings to the Extreme Today's digital lighting technology allows us to configure the use of light in ways like never before. From the simplest occupancy sensors and photocontrols to the most sophisticated systems used to manage entire buildings and campuses, Lithonia Lighting products allow you to tailor your lighting down to the last lumen. It's all thanks to system integration. Luminaires and the controls that adjust their output are connected organically, managing timing and intensity in new ways that optimize lighting utilization and performance over time. Even our daylighting solutions are advanced, using prismatic and ultra- reflective surfaces to harvest natural light and control it along with electric sources. Digital Lumen Management Embedded nLight logic underdrives the luminaire (digital lumen management) to deliver constant lumen output over system life while maximizing energy savings. Design your next application to "maintained footcandle" levels from day one - no need to over-light the space; the embedded nIO LED driver eliminates waste. 0 10 20 30 40 50 THOUSAND OPERATING HOURS 0 10 20 30 40 50 THOUSAND OPERATING HOURS POWER INPUT LIGHT OUTPUT 100% 80% 100% 80% 45W 36W 45W 36W LIGHT OUTPUT POWER INPUT Without Lumen Management Energy is wasted and light level is inconsistent. POWER INPUT LIGHT OUTPUT With Lumen Management Energy is saved and light level remains consistent. Wasted Energy Saved Energy

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