Product Selection Guide Page 16 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

16 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 LITHONIA LIGHTING COMMERCIAL INDOOR LED lighting can provide tremendous savings directly through reduced energy use and maintenance costs. Its adaptability for usein a broad range of applications, and its digital ability to be controlled precisely for economics or aesthetics make it a viable solution. Our Smart+Simple approach to integrated lighting, lighting controls and embedded smart technology means whether in one room or multiple rooms, and over a vast array of applications, digital technology is responsive to specific demands. Integrated seamlessly, this technology allows you to closely manage your lighting assets for significant energy savings while improving the user environment. The technology also creates viability far into the future, thanks to built-in flexibility, guaranteed system compatibility across product lines, plus unprecedented connectivity, portability and functionality. Smart+Simple Smart+Simple Components Embedded controls manage lighting quality, power consumption and operational life. Help manage energy consumption and provide unprecedented design, installation and user interface simplicity. Technologies and network-system devices integrate with LED luminaires. Program, modify and monitor lighting for improved energy savings.

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