Product Selection Guide Page 15 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

15 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 LITHONIA LIGHTING COMMERCIAL INDOOR Volumetric Lighting Lambertian and batwing distributions have long effectively illuminated our spaces. Lithonia Lightinghas championed the application of an "advanced lambertian" distribution that we call "volumetric lighting". Volumetric lighting provides the optimal balance of directional and diffuse light from a high-performing light source to enhance the interior space. The directional light provides spatial definition and clarity. The diffuse light is reflected throughout the space to create a softer, more comfortable luminous environment. Volumetric lighting is ideal for offices, schools, hospitals, retail, and other workspaces because it enhances the environment with a more even distribution of light to eliminate glare and dark spots. The result is a more comfortable environment, with a quiet ceiling, and walls and other vertical surfaces illuminated smoothly from top to bottom. The volumetric solution provides extra punch below 30 to maximize application efficiency while directing more light above 70, smoothly illuminating the wall up to the ceiling. Volumetric Architectural lighting products distribute light in specific patterns. Lambertian distribution is found in lensed troffers (not exclusive), diffused surfaces and lenses. Batwing distribution is frequently used in parabolic fixtures. Lambertian Batwing (parabolic) Lighting Distribution

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